Jackson Browne Standing In The BreachEveryone knows the brilliance of Jackson Browne. In his time, not only has he released excellent albums that include the excellent Late For The Sky, The Pretender, For Everyman, Running On Empty, and Saturate When Using (I know, not the real name), but he has influenced generations of aspiring singer/songwriters.

His last album, Time The Conqueror, was released way back in 2008. since then we received a remastered LP release of Late For The Sky. But it is time for more classic Jackson Browne.

On October 7, via his own label, Inside Recordings, Jackson Browne readies ten tracks for us on his upcoming album, Standing In The Breach, which comes with a stunning new album cover.

Standing In The Breach is expected on CD, LP, and DD.

Track Listing:
01. The Birds Of St. Marks
02. Yeah Yeah
03. The Long Way Around
04. Leaving Winslow
05. If I Could Be Anywhere
06. You Know The Night
07. Walls And Doors
08. Which Side
09. Standing In The Breach
10. Here

By MARowe