Roxanna ExoticaWhile an RN in the nursing field, Roxanna sang to her patients. For her, and for the people she sang to in the hospital, the results of her willingness to sing produced positive results. Soon, encouraged and financially backed by a relative of one of her patients, Roxanna launched into a career that will take her singing talents to a wider audience where it belongs.

On first listen, the striking thing about Roxanna is easily her voice, as well as her effortless ability to capture your attention with it.  DISNEY, TAKE NOTE: My first impression was that her’s is a voice that you always hear in a Disney song. In fact, I have no doubt that one day that will surely be a reality.

Roxanna has already released two pre-album release singles that includes “Close Your Eyes”, and a cover of Lionel Richie’s 1984 hit, “Hello” . Both songs are already a clear dynamic of the grace and power that Roxanna possesses for the Pop market.  As a treat (for me), she covers The Hollies’ 1972 gem, “The Air That I Breathe”, putting her own unique mark on the song.

Roxanna has a debut album arriving on July 8. That album is called Exotica and is produced by Mark Portmann, who has worked with Julio Iglesias, Barbra Streisand, and Christina Aquilera.

With Roxanna’s ready for primetime voice, I believe that she will be heading concert halls all around the world in very short time.

By MARowe

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  1. Absolutely wonderful, very beautiful voice Roxanna, I would love to see you sing live, much continued success my love.

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