Rhino Records plan a 3CD collection for Herbie Hancock called The Warner Brothers Years (1969-1972). The set is scheduled for July 22.


CD 1:
01  Wiggle Waggle
02  Fat Mama
03  Tell Me A Bedtime Story
04  Oh! Oh! Here He Comes
05  Jessica
06  Fat Albert Rotunda
07  Lil’ Brother
08  Wiggle Waggle (Mono)
09  Fat Mama (Mono)

CD 2:
01  Ostinato (Suite For Angela) 04 Ostinato (Suite For Angela) [Special Edit]
02  You’ll Know When You Get There
03  Wandering Spirit Song
04  Ostinato (Suite For Angela) [special Edit]
05 You’ll Know When You Get There (Special Edit)

CD 3:
01  Sleeping Giant
02  Quasar
03  Water Torture
04  Crossings
05 Water Torture (Stereo – Warner Bros. single 7598)

RCA Records will release new Sia with 1000 Forms Of Fear, scheduled for July 8, CD, DD, and LP.


Rhino and Parlophone will explore live Deep Purple with the release of In Concert ’72 on CD planned for July 1.

Rhino Records will release a 8CD collection for Frankie Valli called Selected Solo Works. This is slotted for July 1. Similarly, the label will re-explore the works of The Four Seasons in an 18CD Box called The Classic Albums. Hey…Jersey Boys is a success.

Astralwerks will release new Deadmau5 with While (1<2) on June 24.

Frontiers Records will release new Ted Nugent with Shutup & Jam, expected on July 8.

Ted Nugent ShutupAnd Jam

The Midnight Ramble Sessions, Volume Three featuring The Levon Helm Band is slated for July 1, CD and LP.

ATO Records will release Garcia Live, Volume 4: March 22nd, 1978 Veteran’s featuring Jerry Garcia Band. The set will be released on 2CD on July 8.

KScope Records will release Cover Version by Steven Wilson on July 8. The newly remastered 2LP album collects the six 7″ cover singles by Steven Wilson with their original Wilson tracks that were B-sides to the cover tunes. A CD edition is said to be following.

Cover Version Wilson

Lightning Rod Records have Long In the Tooth by Billy Joe Shaver slated for release on August 5.

Beeswing Records will release Acoustic Classics from Richard Thompson on July 22.

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3 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 05/29/2014 (US Report)”
  1. I don’t believe the Wilson Cover Version reissue is remastered. The blurb on his site says that the artwork is “remixed” and new or altered for both the CD and the LP versions. I’ve ordered it anyway just in case, but wondered if you saw it stated that it is definitely remastered?

    1. Bob, I THOUGHT I saw it on the website. But I could be wrong. After awhile, all info from wherever I receive it seems to blend together in a blurry mess. Sometimes, that blur causes me to twist things up unawares. I’m not home right now, but will check it later.

  2. What a great title for the new Nugent album. I say that (“Shut up and jam, Ted”) every time I hear him spouting off his agenda (not that I disagree with all of it).

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