Marillion A Sunday NightWhat can be said about a band that never quite made the mainstream and yet holds the rapt attention of so many music fans? That’s the legacy of Marillion, a band with one of the more rabid followings in Rock and Roll. Marillion formed in the late ’70s, brandishing their style of Progressive music to excellent results.  To date, the band has more than 15 studio albums including the Misplaced Childhood set from 1985.

Strangely enough, the band continues to do well throughout the world markets except for the US. It is reasons like these that have me confused with the American markets.  Nevertheless, Marillion continues to entertain and delight a lot of fans no matter where they’re placed.

On March 10th of 2013, the band convened at their usual Marillion weekend held in The Netherlands. Their show was recorded and is now planned for a 2CD Live release.

Scheduled for July 22, Eagle Rock Entertainment plans to release A Sunday Night Above The Rain, where Marillion displayed their musical talents on all of the songs from their then recently released, Sounds That Can’t Be Made (2012), and a selection of classic tunes from their extensive repertoire. The live set will be released as the noted 2CD set, as well as DD. A Sunday Night Above The Rain will contain 13 songs in all (track-list below).


1. Gaza
2. Waiting To Happen
3. Lucky Man
4. This Strange Engine
5. Pour My Love
6. Neverland
7. Invisible Ink

1. Montréal
2. Power
3. Sounds That Can’t Be Made
4. The King Of Sunset Town
5. The Sky Above The Rain
6. Garden Party

By MARowe

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  1. There is also a Blu-ray (“A Sunday Night Above The Rain”) set coming out featuring sets from both their shows from Holland and Montreal, with a third disc featuring “Sounds That Can’t Be Made” (along with jams and outtakes) in hi-res 5.1 and stereo. That’s the good news, the slightly less good news is it’s only available on their website and while it’s decently priced if you order it from the U.S. shipping is a bit more because they’re based out of the UK.

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