Ace Frehley Space InvaderAlthough the sun has set on Ace Frehley’s active participation in KISS (other than as an immutable founding member of the storied institution), it certainly doesn’t mean that he has gone to sleep musically. At one point, he had released, along with the other founding members, his first solo album. And while the covers were themed to tie into each other’s solo efforts in a cartoonish way, they were quite far from each other musically.

It’s often said that the solo release from Ace Frehley was the best of the lot. And while easily contestable among KISS fans, Frehley’s album, released in 1978, would do well. In 1982, after his departure from the band that elevated him to stardom, Frehley would begin his solo career in earnest with the release of  Frehley’s Comet in 1987. From that time to now, Ace Frehley has only released four studio efforts.

On July 8, Ace Frehley will up that count by one by releasing his latest album, Space Invader. Space Invader will feature new Frehley originals as wel as a cover tune of “The Joker”, a song made popular by Steve Miller. Being an early Steve Miller fan, it’s a cover version I’m interested in hearing.


By MARowe