TheCarsMoveLikeThisIn just a few weeks, it will be three years since the reformed The Cars band produced their 2011 classic – AND WORTHY – Move Like This album.  With abortive attempts to replicate the classic late ’70s band, with Todd Rundgren at the vocal helm, it was incredible news to hear that Ric Ocasek would regroup, and help produce songs with The Cars’ name attached. And what a wonderful album it was.

Move Like This was a familiar batch of Cars goodness that slotted so perfectly with their previous efforts that it was extremely easy to say, “Welcome back, boys!”. For me, this album is in continuous replay. Yes, it is that good. (If you haven’t heard it , I’m quite surprised…unless you’re not a Cars fan. But even then, it works in a fantastically contemporary way!)

Well, I’m not writing this to be a nostalgic nuisance. Although I could be called that because I am consistently guilty of that nostalgic crime, I am coming here for a different reason.  I’m asking The Cars where their new album is.

Ric and the boys, listen to me, please. With Move Like This, you easily showed that The Cars magic was still in full bloom. All of the songs found on that album were extraordinary compositions. For me, I LOVED – and still do – “Soon”, “Take Another Look”, and that nostalgic opener, “Blue Tip”. But those were only three of a brilliant ten tracks.

I’m saying that The Cars should be readying a new album for those of us that loved Move Like This.

It’s time!

By MARowe

4 thoughts on “It’s Time For The Cars To Give Us A New Album”
  1. You’re absolutely right. It is an excellent album that I listened to constantly as well. It did make me miss Ben Orr, though. I believe it would have truly been a ‘perfect’ album with him. Oh well. Here’s to the follow-up…

  2. You’re absolutely spot on…but not only ‘where’s the followup,’ but also ‘where is a proper full blown CARS DVD/Bluray concert?’ I’d even settle for a remastered Bluray of that great (and now out of print) VHS concert from the 80’s that captured the band out promoting Magic City. And, of course, Ben was still around on that, too.

  3. I liked the album OK. Bought the vinyl and got the free download. For me though, there’s just not enough guitar.

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