DavidBowieLowMy vinyl quest is Low, the 1977 at-rock album from David Bowie that changed how you thought about Mr Bowie.  Of course, i could purchase the LP over the internet but where’s the fun in that? For several years, I sought a good copy of Berlin by Lou Reed. I finally found one. But Low? Nope.  Too elusive. But that’s ok, I can wait.

What I can’t wait for is a reissue and remaster of the album. I know there has to be songs that David Bowie left off the original. Even the demos would be cool to hear. Nevertheless, I would love to hear this album get a good work-over.

I know that this post is short, maybe even sweet for some of you. But I haven’t the oomph to write up a decent post about the upcoming Zephyr Box featuring music from Tommy Bolin when he was in that band. It comes out on May 27 (see how I slipped this in here?).

Still, RCA, I REALLY do want a Low remaster. And a Heroes remaster after that.

By MARowe

9 thoughts on “I Want Low To Be Remastered And Reissued!”
  1. In the words of Austin Powers…
    “Well I vana toilet made out of solid gold, but it’s just not in the cards now is it?”

    Sorry Matt, I couldn’t resist. Good luck. I hope RCA is listening.

  2. One of his best! Tony Visconti mentioned in his book that he did a 5.1 mix of this LP a few years ago.

  3. I recently posted on facebook that I was wishing the Berlin trio and Iggy’s Idiot and Lust would all get the Bowie treatment. I’d love each LP+DVD or Blu-Ray 5.1 like one of the Ziggy options I bought. An extra CD for each of alt material would be gravy.

  4. David Bowie hasn’t been with RCA in the States since 1981 or so it’s now Warner Music Group who licenses the pre-1995 Bowie catalog these days.

  5. What about the CD: Rykodisc / RCD 10142 (US) with these bonus tracks?

    “Some Are” (previously unreleased) – 3:24
    “All Saints” (previously unreleased) – 3:25
    “Sound and Vision” (1991 remix by David Richards) – 4:43

    also released by EMI in the UK (CDP 79 7719 2)

    Of course, since “I” could find it, then that probably means it isn’t the re-issue you meant. You’re wanting something really new and properly remastered.

    But I wanted to contribute, so there it is!

  6. I know Bowie’s catalogue has a convoluted trail of ownership (esp. Mainman stuff) and it’s hard to track the reissuing. I’m looking at my 40th Ann. Ziggy LP (DBZSX 40, that included the 5.1 DVD-A disc slid in the revised gatefold sleeve). Two of the credit lines read:
    Project co-ordinated by Henry Wrenn-Meleck for RZO Music and Nigel Reeve and Jo Blair for EMI Records.
    Thanks to Ken Scott, Ray Staff at Air Mastering. Mark Adams, The Pavement and Ray Shulman at ISONIC.

    I’m not sure what ‘Isonic’ is, but ISO is his label (from wikipedia, and I think everything since is on it): Reality is the 23rd studio album by English rock musician David Bowie. It was released in 2003 on his Iso Records label.
    There’s also mention of people at Isolar (the name of the Bowie Tour ’76) and Outside.

    All this to say, I’m pretty sure Bowie was involved in the re-issue. In charge of a job well done? Can’t say. My Station to Station ‘small-box’ (remastered CD + Live Nassau CD + Extra tracks CD, BOWSTSX2010 EMI). ‘…Project co-ordinated by Henry Wrenn-Meleck for RZO Music and Nigel Reeve and Jo Brooks for EMI Records…’.

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