CabaretVoltaireDrinkingGasolineA UK favored band, Cabaret Voltaire, pretty much had their audience in thrall.  The band, formed in 1973, provided a highly experimental mix of Pop and an electronic fusion of what would eventually be called techno music.  Their songs were, at heart, wild dance tracks designed to make the bodies of the hearer move.  Because of that, their pre-rave sounds were much revered in England, often pushing their releases into the high positions of the UK charts.  In America, well, they had an audience, but not too much of one, not like they enjoyed in England.

With several popular releases including their well-received Mix-Up from 1979, released on Rough Trade Records, the band set their stage appropriately. However, it wasn’t until releases like Red Mecca (1981) that Cabaret Voltaire began to be paid much closer attention to. Red Mecca, an album of some political/social references, climbed British charts to a Number One spot.

Cabaret Voltaire consistently pushed the envelope until their 1987 album, Code, was released.  That album, and every one after, failed to capture the attention of their once faithful audience, although nothing that the band recorded should be ignored.

In 1985, with the band signed to Virgin Records, they released a 4-track EP with extracted tracks from their now difficult to find Gasoline In Your Eye video tape. The EP did well in the charts, placing in the Top 100 (UK).  On April 22 (US), Mute Records will combine the rare Gasoline In Your Eye video, and the four tracks found on the EP to form a Deluxe Edition of Drinking Gasoline.  The DVD is the entire Gasoline In Your Eye video, and will include four mixes (“Just Fascination” – 7″ mix, “Sensoria” – 7″ mix, “I Want You – 7” mix. “I Want You” – 12″ mix).  The CD will contain the original four tracks (“Kino”, “Sleepwalking”, “Big Funk”, “Ghost Talk”). The audio of these songs have been remastered.  There will be two sets, a CD/DVD Edition, and an LP/DVD Edition.

The Drinking Gasoline EP set of songs are no strangers to other albums, including their inclusion, some partially on other albums.  Their 1985 classic The Covenant, The Sword, And The Arm Of The Lord (The Arm Of The Lord in the US) contained two tracks.  Their now impossible to acquire 2013 Box, Collected Works, had the full inclusion of the EP.

Cabaret Voltaire is certainly not for everyone. But, if you were a fan back when they were chart active, it might move you to pick up this special edition of Drinking Gasoline.

By MARowe