If you’re one to update aging versions of old favored classics, particularly with the popular 180g-weight audiophile class, then I’m providing a short list of four upcoming classics that you might want to consider.

On April 29, the Warner-distributed Friday Music label will offer these four classic titles in their respected remastered Audiophile Vinyl Series. In all cases, the limited edition vinyl jackets are complete with original art, just as they were first issued.

Robin TrowerLive!: This was Robin Trower’s fourth Chrysalis release, riding high on his immense stardom at the time.  Released in 1976, the album charted well, and is considered by some as a live album not to be missed. For this release, the album was remastered by Joe Reagoso. It’s one I’ll be picking up!

RobinTrower Live

Ray Charles Ray Charles: With his fusion of gospel, jazz, and blues, Ray Charles gave his Atlantic Records debut the best that he could.  And everyone reveres it much as they revere much of his existing catalog.  It’s just that this is one special album.  It is planned for reissue here on 180g-grade audiophile vinyl weight, with Joe Reagoso remastering of the Mono original tapes. This album will feature original artwork from the classic 1957 debut.


ChicagoChicago VII: This 2LP set contained their massive Top20 hits, “Wishing You Were Here”, and “(I’ve Been) Searching So Long”, as well as thirteen other Chicago tracks continuing on in the familiar, and much loved Chicago jazz/rock style fusion. Released in 1974, the album didn’t disappoint any Chicago fans one bit. It is remastered by Joe Reagoso, and Lee Loughnane from Chicago. The album is presented in orignial full artwork in the original gatefold jacket.


The Moody BluesA Question Of Balance: Featuring “Question”, A Question Of Balance went on to sell more than a million units, something that Moody blues fans are not surprised of.  This 1970 album of ten classic tracks gave fans more of what they wanted with the beautifully laid out and searching songs that explored more than the usual love themes that make up most songs.  A Question of Balance, for this limited edition 180g vinyl reissue has been remastered by Joe Reagoso from the original Threshold tapes.


Looking to upgrade these titles? Now’s the time to do it!

By MARowe

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  1. I’ve always felt that the Trower Live album was lacking. There are only about 40 minutes worth of music on it. The concert had to be longer than that. Even an opening band plays for at least an hour. I would think there has to be a few more songs from that concert that never made it to the album. You’d think they might have expanded it as so many other reissues do, assuming the concert was longer than 40 minutes.

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