Yes.  I’ll state it first.  The rumored press conference/magazine interviews rumor that had been going around concerning Jimmy Page and an announcement for the Led Zeppelin individual album box sets did not go off.  Both Matt and I will keep you informed as to when some kind of an announcement takes place or if we get surprised and some kind of online press release is given to the public with the details of what will be in the box sets and in how many different forms they will take.

CSNY – The rumored CSNY Live ’74 box set has surfaced once again.  Graham Nash supposedly told somebody at a recent book signing of his that the box is essentially ready to go and will be coming out on July 8.  Only time will tell if the date will actually be that or not.  David Crosby, fresh off of a recent heart procedure, Tweeted to people that the sound on the box set will “blow peoples’ minds”.  (Hoffman Forum)

Nils Lofgren – There are two pieces of Nils Lofgren release news to report to you all.  First, Lofgren is releasing a 9-CD/1-DVD box set, of which 2-CDs will contain previously unreleased material.  The box sets will be hand-signed by Lofgren.  It is up for pre-order at Amazon with an April 29 release date.  The set is called Face The Music. (Hoffman Forum)


The second piece of news concerning Lofgren is a grey-market U.K. release called Hanging Tough is now available from the Smokin’ label and is taken from a Bottom Line live broadcast from 1977. (IMWAN)

Elvis Costello – Another grey market title has also snuck out even though it has been advertised on American sites.  Elvis Costello-Live In Germany 1978 on the Immortal label has been released in both CD and DVD formats. (IMWAN)


Gamble & Huff – Official word has gotten announced that all of the years of the Gamble & Huff Philadelphia International Records releases are now finally under one umbrella.  There’s going to be a huge roll-out of post-’74 titles which they were not able to release before.  Ace, in the U.K., will be getting a ton of things to release as time goes on.  Along with individual titles, there will be compilations produced.  For April, there are two planned Best Of comps scheduled for The Intruders and for Lou Rawls.  Of big interest for many fans of Soul music will be what decisions will be made as far as the catalog from 1974 on backwards.  Will we see any unreleased material of the earlier stuff? (The Second Disc)

ELP – The Emerson Lake & Palmer-Brain Salad Surgery: 40th Anniversary packages have now been bumped to May 1.  Trilogy is slated for the September/October period. (Hoffman Forum/IMWAN)


The 5 Royales – The RockBeat label has a 5-CD box set due out on April 1 for The 5 Royales.  (Pause And Play)

T-Bone Walker – A reissue of T-Bone Walker-Every Day I Have The Blues on Ace (U.K.) is due on March 31. (Pause And Play)

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Joe Walsh – The Smokin’ (U.K.) label is sneaking out yet another grey-market title.  This one is from Joe Walsh and is titled All Night Long: Live In Dallas-1981 Radio Broadcast and is due March 17. (IMWAN)

Neil Young – A potentially very interesting book title is coming out provided that it lives up to its billing as being very well researched.  It’s called Young Neil: The Sugar Mountain Years.  The book is by Sharry Wilson and is an over 400 page tome on Neil Young’s pre-fame years and his early family life.  The book is being published by ECW Press and is slated for an October 14 release. (IMWAN)


Neil Young has announced that he will have a new book coming out later this year concerning his love of old cars.  (I can’t recall where I picked up this news, but I’m pretty sure I got it from either The Hoffman Forum or the KLIZ Classic Rock News site)

Bono (U2) – Bono has revealed that he will be releasing a book about his relationship with his late father. (KLIZ Classic Rock News site)

I want to apologize for being gone for so long.  Between what Matt has been able to find first and reissue news being a little slow, things have been slim pickings.  Also, I’ve been busy going back and forth making sure my Mom has been doing fine after having hip-replacement surgery.  I’ve been going through some changes as a result.

–Steve Talia

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  1. Hi Everybody,
    I want to correct a boo-boo I made in my column. Concerning the Philadelphia International Records reissues: It will be the Camden (U.K.) label taking care of those and not Ace. I was in an Ace frame of mind I guess. Hell, I even had my notes right in front of my face and I went ahead a typed in Ace anyway. Sorry about that.

  2. I’d like to add to the list. Steve Wilson’s remix of bThe Yes Album/b is scheduled for April 14th.

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