DeepPurple2CDMadeInJapanIf you were like me, you spent some of your teen years driving down some downtown area street. And perhaps, you blared a certain classic while you drove around town.  For me, one of those classics was Made In Japan from Deep Purple.  Following on the mega success of Machine Head, Made In Japan was much more successful set that capitalized on the strong stage shows of the Mark II lineup, as well as the songs that recently went through the roof heard on Machine Head.

On May 19 in the UK, there will be multiple sets of the classic album in release that include Super Deluxe Editions (4CD/DVD) and (9LP, 180g), Blu-ray audio, hi-res Digital tracks, and lesser sets that include 2CD, 2LP, and a single CD reissue.

There is a 2013 remix of the original that will be found on the Super Deluxe Editions, the 2LP, and the 2CD sets. There are 2013 remasters of the original 1972 audio, which will make up the single CD reissue, while being included in all other sets alongside the 2013 remix except for the Super Deluxe Editions, which only contain the 2013 REMIX.

The Super Deluxe Editions, and the 2CD set offer all the encores from those Japan shows.

The sets will all offer great printed material that include (for the Super Deluxe Editions), a 60-page hard bound book.

Made In Japan is considered one of the great live albums.  A 2013 Remix of the set is welcome in my book.

[Thanks to the fine Super Deluxe Edition UK website run by Paul Sinclair for his early announcement of this prize package. Visit his site for the track-listing of each set]

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By MARowe

4 thoughts on “UK Universal To Reissue Multiple Editions Of Deep Purple’s 1972 Live Classic, Made In Japan”
  1. This might be one I have to pick up. In my mind, DP’s MIJ was the pinnacle of their career. Really not interested in all the extras, just the discs.

    Also an FYI that Soundgarden’s “SuperUnknown” is receiving the deluxe treatment. This includes a 5.1 mix which I must have.

    1. I think the remix will make it pretty impressive to hear. I’m just interested in the single CD myself although that’s only a remaster of the audio. So, I’m springing for not only the 2CD, but the 2LP as well.

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