Grace Jones NightclubbingGrace Jones, a stunning model from Jamaica, began releasing  music during the disco years, but eventually strengthen her popularity on Island Records during the Marshall Blonstein years.  She began that Island Records affiliation in 1977 with her Portfolio release.  Eventually, her audience grew with her increasingly extravagant performances. By the time of Nightclubbing, her adored 1981 classic that drew in listeners from many angles, she was well established as a recording artist with a purpose.

Nightclubbing was an unusual album that effectively merged a Jamaican rhythm with her musically dance-able style. And well, fans flocked.  I found it a fascinating album, and followed Grace Jones upward including  Living My Life, Slave To The Rhythm, and the excellent Island Life compilation.

On April 29, Island Records will revisit Nightclubbing with a 2CD Deluxe Edition, 2LP vinyl, and a Blu-ray Audio (BD-Audio) set. The new Deluxe Edition, along with the BD-Audio set, will present the original album in a newly remastered form.  The extra content will provide a series of 12″ remixes, a practice in full swing during the dancing era of the late ’70s, and into the ’80s, and a few A and B-sides from singles and cassette singles.  There are also two “new” tracks unearthed from the original sessions that include a cover of Gary Numan/Tubeway Army’s “Me! I Disconnect From You”, and “If You Wanna Be My Lover”.  Added to the whole thing is a gorgeous book that should complement the entire Deluxe Edition very well.

Grace Jones NightclubbingBDAudio

Grace Jones Nightclubbing DE

There will be a 2LP vinyl edition as well with select bonus inclusions including the previously unreleased cuts.

GJ vinyl

By MARowe