SmokeFairiesSmokeFairiesEarly last year, I came into contact with an incredible band by the name of Smoke Fairies.  For those that do not remember, here’s the brief rundown.  Smoke Fairies are a gifted UK folk duo who met in high school in Sussex.  Since, the girls (Katherine Blamire/Jessica Davies) have created some intriguing music, especially on their last album. their music is a cook mix of folk, blues, and other elements that can entice you to listen to more than you’re presented with. Their voices add elegance to their songs.

They released their last album, Blood Speaks, in May of 2012.  It was an incredible album that has lots of return juice to it.  In fact, after posting my review of the album (read here), my inbox  literally overflowed with discussion.  Including one from a President of a popular record label. Yes, Smoke Fairies are that good. they not only deliver on their folk music leanings, but they add significantly to a feel of time as well.  There are songs that feel anchored to the ’60s.  And the occasional psychedelic sound makes them all the more interesting.

For those that know of them, then you are already privy to what I’m talking about.  But the good news awaits, fan or possible new fan.

On April 14, the UK band will release their next album, a self-titled effort on Full Time Hobby Records (in the UK).  You’ll likely have to import the title, but what’s that for some great music.  As a matter of fact, many of you already import anyway.

Smoke Fairies (the album) and its twelve new songs will be issued on CD in a cardboard mini-LP sleeve, a 180g vinyl LP (with download rights), any format of digital download, and a very limited issue of a Deluxe Edition Box (details yet to come).


You can listen to the lead-off single from the album below (via YouTube).  The song, “Eclipse Them All“, has a psychedelic folk element going on. It’s a very cool song.  If you find it not to your taste, I suggest going backward and getting to know them that way.

By MARowe

8 thoughts on “New Smoke Fairies Album Coming In April”
  1. I’m in line. Also curious as to how the Record Store Day version will be different, probably colored vinyl. I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to check out the details of the limited deluxe version as they disappear quickly.

  2. My first impression is that it reminds me of something off of Radiohead’s “Kid A” (an album I like very much even though I have to be in the right mood to listen to it). It doesn’t seem particularly “folky” or “psychodelic” to me but those definitions probably differ from person to person.

    Since everyone is raving about them I might give them a closer look. Besides, knowing that fairies wear boots, I can’t help but wonder if smoke fairies wear boots as well. (LOL)

  3. The deluxe edition was vinyl this time and sold out in one minute. I was there right on time , too. Didn’t stand a chance.

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