Originally released in 1993, Bob Dylan‘s excellent assembly of musicians in what was called the 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration, gave us fans a whole lot of goodness packed solidly over two CDs.  Released to notate Dylan’s 30th year as a recording artists, the set did it’s best to encapsulate the magic of the October 16, 1992 show held at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

DylanDeluxeEdition30AnniversaryConcertWith artists as diverse as Lou Reed, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, George Harrison, Eddie Vedder, Chrissie Hynde, Ron Wood, and more, this assembly of artists did their damndest to capture the power of a Dylan song.  And well they did.

The show ran for a little over four hours to a crowd of around 18,000 fans.  When the show was concluding its many artists renditions of popular Dylan songs, Bob Dylan popped out to sing a few himself, and to participate in a song with the entire ensemble.

Easily, the evening was an important one.

On March 4, Legacy Recordings, and Columbia Records will remaster the audio found on this Bob Dylan classic, and reissue the 1993 2CD set as a Deluxe Edition, including two bonus rehearsal songs (“Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” – Eric Clapton; “I Believe In You” – Sinead O’Connor) to sweeten the deal.

I’m in for the ride.

By MARowe

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