News for the past week really slowed down in a big way.  And then over the last couple of days, a few interesting things popped up.  I’m looking at a few of these items before I type them out for you and I am going to tell you something straight-up.  A few of these items may be ones that you might want to take with a little grain of salt beforehand.  I’ll point out the stuff which is definitely legitimate.
Neil Young-Cellar Door ’70:  Someone over at the Hoffman Forum has posted that it appears Warner Brothers/Rhino is prepping a new show from Neil’s Archive series from Washington, D.C. in 1970 at The Cellar Door.  As with anything Neil, one has to hold their breath and wait for the pre-order to pop up before we can claim a sense of reality.
The Kinks:  First of all, along with the news that the Muswell Hillbillies: Deluxe Edition being bumped to October 15th, word now discussed at both the Hoffman Forum and at IMWAN that a stress-inducing message from producer Andrew Sandoval informs us that the planned Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround: Deluxe Edition may be in jeopardy due to the recent buyout of Sanctuary.  This is the one a great majority of Kinks fans had been waiting on.  Let’s hope there’s light of day for this one.
Kinks Muswell Hillbillies
Ravi Shankar:  I can tell you, based on a personal communication I had with East Meets West Music the other day, that more than one new archive release from the vaults will be announced in late Summer.
Ravi Shankar
Jimi Hendrix:  O.k.  Here’s the one bit of news where I must tell you ahead of time that you should check the Amazon tracklisting when it gets posted before making a decision to pick it up (if you already have it).  It originated from a poster at IMWAN and has been passed around over at the Hoffman Forum that the upcoming Purple Box will have four extra tracks added on to it.  The poster said that the information points in the direction from Experience Hendrix.  “Peace In Mississippi”, “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” (Live On Dee Time 8/24/67, “Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice” (original U.K. single mix) and “Like A Rolling Stones” (Winterland-unreleased) will be added on.
Not only will this be a second chance to pick up this box (for those of you who already missed out on this the first time around), but it will also be your chance to pick up “Peace In Mississippi” in case if you missed out on the Wal-Mart exclusive of “Valleys Of Neptune” b/w “Peace In Mississippi” single from a few years back.  Fanatics will need this box for the new extra tracks, but it does present a new dilemma for fans-a box set reissue with new tracks.  Will this be an exception or a new industry-wide trend?
 Led Zeppelin:  More information has surfaced concerning the upcoming Led Zeppelin individual album box sets.  A post over at the Zeppelin Digest which is sent to online subscribers states that photographer, Ross Halpin, has gotten involved with helping to put together the artwork for the box sets.  It appears that this project is getting closer and closer to becoming reality.
 Mike Bloomfield:  Al Kooper made an unexpected visit to the Hoffman Forum earlier this year to inform readers that he is working on an upcoming box set of essentially all unreleased Mike Bloomfield tracks spread out over 3-CDs.  The early working title for this box set is From His Head To His Heart To His Hands.  This will be a Columbia (Sony)/ Legacy title.
Matt has given me the o.k. to expand my writing here when music news slows down.  I have made out a list which I would like to share with you concerning reissues I’d like to see BBR (U.K.) and other labels come up with for Soul Music titles.
There may be people out there who may help me out in sorting out titles of specific albums.  I’ll explain everything in my introduction to the list and then we can see if we can work on the puzzles of titles and what is already out there (and in what kind of sonic shape).  I have a very grand obsession with Soul Music from the 1970-1974 period and I’d like to see if I can get any action going.  So, there’s a hint for all of you until next time.  If I get creamed with a ton of music news, then it might have to get pushed back until things slow down.  This past week was a little bit of a scare though until a few bits came through.
–Steven Talia 

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4 thoughts on “Talia’s Overflow Notes – 07/09/2013”
  1. Adding four tracks to the “Purple Box Set” is just wrong. This is typical and makes a good argument for the re-issue/deluxe version debate Matt posed a few weeks ago.
    It’s one thing to prompt fans to purchase a deluxe/boxed set and pay a premium price for it by promoting it as a limited edition. It’s another thing to then re-issue what was supposed to be a limited edition. And it’s still another thing to re-issue it with an extra song or two. This just reeks of fleecing the fans.

  2. Not to mock anyone but is the adding on of extra tracks to a previous release a surprise,of which I own the original box.Also news comes out today that they are issuing the peter gabriel athens concert on blu ray in Sept after only putting it on dvd for the box set of so,thankfully I did not buy the box or the 3 disc set or even the single disc remaster own the remaster from a few years ago,so I guess my patience paid off

  3. Hi Steven,

    Amazon is showing that WEA Japan is releasing Fleetwood Mac’s cds Kiln House through Heroes are Hard to Find on September 10th in Japan. No word about a domestic release in CD format. I think Rhino has these records being released on August 20th but in vinyl format only.


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