BlouseImperiumWhen Blouse, a Portland (Oregon) band consisting of Patrick Adams, Jacob Portrait, and the smooth and airy vocals of Charlie Hilton, arrived with their eponymous debut album,  they captured a lot of attention.  With the artistically stunning video accompanying their “In Black” song from that album, their tone was set with ’80s styled electronics in an other-worldly display of synth and echoed vocals.

That album is a great first effort from an emerging band with an exciting sound.  However, with the upcoming release of their second album, Blouse has changed things up a bit.  Gone is the familiar synth, which was a focal piece of their music.  Instead, they now employ a more conventionally acoustic sound with bass, guitar, and drums. Based on the single release (“No Shelter”, heard below), it can be known that the music has shed the band’s ’80s flavor and adopted a discernible ’60s style.

I’m often concerned when a band makes a strong departure from their debut album, thus  not giving fans of their first album a chance to change with them.  Sometimes that can be dangerous.  But, after hearing their new single (hear below), it’s a bit of a relief to report that the essence of Blouse remains intact.


The new Captured Tracks/Sub Pop album, Imperium, is slated for September 17.  The album will carry ten tracks, which, I have to say is a nice trending practice (to limit the amount of tracks on each new album although I can likely attribute this trend to limitations tied to vinyl).

Imperium will be available on CD, LP, and DD.  I’m excited about it.

By MARowe