Fleetwood Mac – There’s more news which has broken on the Then Play On re-master coming up from Rhino. An insider revealed to readers of the Hoffman Forum that the reissue will be the U.K. version of the album. It was also revealed that 2-CDs were considered for this release, but it was settled at just one disc in the final decision instead. The insider also said that he was involved in the project for 5 years. The question remains though. Were better tapes found?


Cowboy Junkies – Mike Timmins of Cowboy Junkies told readers of the official Cowboy Junkies website, and on their Facebook page, that the band hopes to release a secret project they’ve been working on with another unnamed artist/band for the past 5 years at some point this Fall.

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) – Steven Tyler has told an interviewer that he will start work on an upcoming solo album that will show him possibly exploring Electronica. He hopes to start work on the album in January.This was reported on over at the KLIZ Classic Rock Daily site.

Springsteen – Bruce Springsteen has mentioned to Rolling Stone Magazine (online) that he has recorded some new songs while on the road (a first for him). As with anything Springsteen, the best way to approach his talking about new recordings is to wait until you see the pre-order with your own eyes. Admittedly, the past decade has blessed us with more than we could have ever expected as far as new material goes.

The Seeds – A poster over at IMWAN reports that there will be a new Seeds documentary film that will come out either late this year or at some point next year.This was a great catch. 

Jethro Tull – Still missing in action in the news was the blurb which popped up at the Hoffman Forum and mentioned over at IMWAN the rumors of Steven Wilson involved re-masters of Benefit and A Passion Play. There has been no new news about this for a while.

Tull A Passion Play

Sly & The Family Stone – The great sleuths over at the Hoffman Forum found another beauty that slipped by the eyes of many. An SACD of There’s A Riot Going On on a label called the ORG label has emerged. I had never heard of it or the company until a couple of days ago. A few of the people who have had a chance to hear it are raving about the sound on this SACD. I also saw this listed in a new MusicDirect catalog. I would guess that Acoustic Sounds will likely be carrying it as well.


Miles Davis – I can’t recall if I read this at Hoffman or over at IMWAN, but someone threw out a rumor that they read that the next selection for the Official Bootleg Series for Miles Davis may be coming from 1964.

The Who – One thing which you can definitely cross off of your lists is the rumor of the DVD of The Who – Charlton ’74 performance in full. As it turns out, it was a very elaborate hoax played on internet readers.

Grateful Dead – With the news of the limited run showings of the legendary Sunshine Daydream film of the Dead back in 1972 when they played benefit shows for the Springfield Creamery in Veneta, Oregon, a lot of fans are hoping that the legal entanglements which have prevented the film and hopeful CD releases from happening have now finally been cleared. This has been discussed over at GD.net, the Hoffman Board.


–Steven Talia


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  1. Harry Nilsson’s final album to have been released in his lifetime was from 1980 and was on the Mercury label; Flash Harry. It was only released in the U.K. Japan at the time. Now, not only is the album getting it’s first U.S. release ever, but it’s getting both a CD LP release. It’s being released on August 13th on the Varese Records label. Harryheads the world over are quite excited. Not a stellar release, but an uneven yet enjoyable release and one that completists will embrace.

  2. Some 5.1 news:

    Quatermass (1970) 1CD+1DVD: Esoteric/Cherry Red, Was scheduled for 6/24/2013
    Mike Oldfield: Five Miles Out (1983) 2CD+1DVD and Crisis (1983) 5 Discs and supposedly being remixed for 5.1, scheduled for 9/2/2013

  3. Association: Complete Warner Bros. amp; Valiant Singles Collection

    From Now Sounds. A amp; B sides in chronological order and almost all in the original mono. Now Sounds has released many of their albums this way.

    Tom Scott: Blow It Out/Intimate Strangers/Street Beat – BGO – Three of his very best on 2 CD’s, two of which were only available as Japanese imports all these years. I need this.

  4. Sly’s There’s A Riot.. has also been issued a 2*12″ 45rpm vinyl by ORG and is pretty good – don’t have any other issues to compare with. There are two “branches” of ORG and I do not understand the split but they have been doing some great vinyl issues – recent ones including Tapestry (Carole King), Friday Night in San Fransisco (Mc L) and My Favourite Things (Coltrane)

  5. Meanwhile “Mirage” and “Tango In The Night” are still not remastered.

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