NINHesitationMarksToday, the news comes from several fronts that Nine Inch Nails has returned not only as a stage presence, but also with an upcoming new album.  And that news would sit right with many fans of the band with the disturbed industrial sound, and the lyrics of near madness.

Now signed with Columbia Records, Trent Reznor’s popular mouthpiece band will rejoin the world of mass distribution after a flirtation with self-distribution with an upcoming album being called Hesitation Marks.

Hesitation Marks, overall, represents the band’s first recorded album of music in five years. It is on the calendar for a September 3 release date.  The album, which was secretly recorded last year, has a single that is currently available via iTunes as of today.  The song, “Came Back Haunted“, can be acquired by going to this iTunes link.  Pre-ordering the album will instantly yield a free download of “Came Back Haunted”.  A stream of the song can be enjoyed at Nine Inch Nailswebsite (or directly via the provided video, and Soundcloud link, see below).

Nine Inch Nails has also announced that they will support the album with a full tour with start dates beginning in the later part of September (they will also be appearing at multiple festivals before the official US/CA tour dates).

Hesitation Marks will be made available in CD, DD, LP, Deluxe CD, and Lossless DD.


By MARowe