ld.11183The band from Vancouver, Black Mountain, doesn’t have a new album on the horizon.  And that’s a bit of sad news all by itself.  Why?  Because their retro-rock stoner music from the early to middle ’70s is second to none.  If you don’t believe me, go and find a stream of their excellent releases, then you tell me.  But, there is something cool to report on regarding them, albeit indirectly.

A while back, one of Black Mountain‘s  great vocalists, Amber Webber, who comes off as a modern day Grace Slick, teamed up with Joshua Wells, also from Black Mountain, to form a side-project that isn’t like their main squeeze.  Formed in 2007, the duo’s band, Lightning Dust have two albums (Lightning Dust, 2007; Infinite Light, 2009) to their name with the third on the way.


The new one is called Fantasy.  Fantasy is on the calendar for release on June 25 via their long-time label, Jagjaguwar Records (an awesome indie label, which is also home to Black  Mountain).  Preceding Fantasy is the lead-off single, “Diamond”, heard on first video (below).

Jagjaguwar Records posted an official audio feed of another song from the new album, which can be streamed below (via YouTube).  The song is “Loaded Gun”.

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  1. Hmmm, very interesting. I will have to read some reviews to determine what kind of music they are putting out. I’ve been waiting for something new from Black Mountain. I hope they’re heart is still beating.,

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