EJ Goodbye YBRThe official Elton John website is seeking rare fan documents, pictures, etc for possible inclusion into a planned 40th Anniversary Edition of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, which was released by MCA Records back in October 1973.  This post is not to alert you to digging through your old photos to see if you have something Elton-centric but to clue you in to the upcoming release of this reissue, and possible new remaster.

It sounds like (if you read the piece on Eltonjohn.com), that there is already plenty of album-related material to include in the set as well as film, indicating that a DVD is likely to be in the package.

It’s likely to be scheduled sometime in October to coincide with the actual release period, or as near as it can get.  Please bear in mind that there is no official announcement for this set.  But if EJ.com is saying it, well, that’s pretty convincing.

(Special thanks to Stephen for the alert.  Stephen has been a faithful reader and info contributor to TAP for quite some time.  I want him to know that I appreciate him.)

EJ 1973

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “Universal To (Likely) Release 40th Anniversary Edition of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”
  1. A hard sell for me since I have the deluxe sacd version. In order for me to purchase this album again the extras will have to be spectacular and the price reasonable.
    I am starting to feel like a schmuck the way the record companies play this re-issue game. When they put out a deluxe edition of a recording and then a few years later put out an even “more deluxe” version, they are kind of blatantly srewing with us. Trying to milk us for everything they can. At some point we need to draw the line.

    1. Normally, Bill, I might agree with you. However, here is one instance I have to disagree. First off, the SACD Deluxe Edition has long sold out. I’m not even sure you can get it again.

      While I’m not the intense fan of this particular album (I appreciate Madman Across The Water, and the grossly under appreciated Honky Chateau far, far more than GYBR), I can see this one getting the treatment that it is. New remaster, and what sounds like more outtake material (of which I’m sure there were a lot), and a well done commemorative booklet, could make fans happy.

      1. Good point on the sacd selling out. Didn’t think about that. But for those that want GYBR the regular cd is still available.

        Still, I will be pretty pissed if 3 years from now Pink Floyd release something that eclipses (pun intended) the TDSOTM Immersion Set for which I paid over $100. At some point a fan should be able to feel they have the definitive version. Let the buyer beware, I guess.
        Like I said though, I do have the ultimate say…. I can draw the line wherever I want. No one is forcing me to buy this.

        I also agree that GYBR isn’t my favorite. HC, DSMIOTPP, TC, MATW and CFATBDC are all better albums IMO.
        In fact, I think GYBR falls into the category of albums you always talk about – those that would have been better as a single album. At least for me.

  2. There’s been a rumor going around that one of the extras for this particular reissue is that there’s going to be a disc of newer artists reinterpreting songs from this album. This would be a sticking point with me. The DVD may be of the stuff that was on the last Deluxe Edition and is available from Eagle Rock separately (my speculation). Universal is going to have to really dig deep for me to want to get this one again (and I love this album because it’s part of the incredible ’70-’74 run which can’t be denied for impact). Vintage live material and studio outtakes amp; alternates are what’s going to be needed. If the core album itself gets a new remastering or even some kind of tasteful re-mix and is available in a basic stripped-down stand-alone package, then I will most certainly pick it up for the new sonic perspective. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that there’s going to be the vintage material I am hoping for. I want to pick up another copy of this.
    Matt, I greatly appreciate you for what you are doing. You are the one putting in all of the work on MusicTap. I’m just doing my usual cherry-picking of things of interest to send to you. I am not anywhere near as thorough as you are. Plus, your knowledge of new bands is really something else. All credit goes to you.

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