White Lies Big TVWhite Lies is an excellent “retro-rock” post-punk band after the heart of the late ’70s period. And although I hate to use such phrasing, here it makes sense.   They hail from London, England, and that adds to their cool mystique.  Currently, they have two albums in release, To Lose My Life… (2009), and Ritual (2011).

There is a high level of anticipation since the announcement of their new album, BIG TV, which is slated for release on August 12 (UK)  The new album will contain 12 new tracks.  It is planned for the standard CD issue.  It is also planned for 180g vinyl LP, and digital download (DD).

What is even more anticipated is the newly announced 2CD Deluxe Edition, which will add in seven bonus tracks in the form of demos.  The set will contain a 48-page booklet, all housed in a hard bound book-style jacket.  Enhancing the set further, a strictly limited number of these Deluxe Editions will be hand-signed by the band (first come, first served basis).

White Lies

You download a song from the album for free.  Today.  Now.  “Getting Even” can be acquired by going to Soundcloud.  The lead-off single, “”There Goes Our Love Again”, will be released on August 5 (UK).  I’ll keep US fans abreast of any US release information.


01 – Big TV
02 – There Goes Our Love Again
03 – Space i
04 – First Time Caller
05 – Mother Tongue
06 – Getting Even
07 – Change
08 – Be Your Man
09 – Space ii
10 – Tricky To Love
11 – Heaven Wait
12 – Goldmine

Bonus Demo Tracks on 2CD Deluxe Edition of BIG TV

01 Big TV (Demo)
02 There Goes Our Love Again (Demo)
03 First Time Caller (Demo)
04 Mother Tongue (Demo)
05 Getting Even (Demo)
06 Be Your Man (Demo)
07 Tricky To Love (Demo)

By MARowe