Leon Russell enjoyed quite a career run that created several best-selling albums as well as anchoring singles; singles like “Lady Blue”, “Tight Rope” (my favorite), and others. He ventured into all grounds including Country, Rock, Folk, R&B, and even Gospel. He’s revered worldwide as an essential from the early years of Rock n Roll.

On March 17, Dark Horse Records (George Harrison label) via BMG will reissue the 2001 release of Signature Songs, long out of print and, if found, goes for a pretty penny. Signature Songs represents a collection of his popular songs re-recorded in a stripped down fashion…piano and vocals. And Leon had a magic about him that even redelivered songs contained their own magic apart from the originals. If you had been eyeing this title, here’s your chance to pick it up for a fraction of its present appraisals. The cover has been updated.

Signature Songs will be reissued on CD, DD, and on vinyl LP.

Signature Songs –  Leon Russell
01 A Song For You
02 One More Love Song
03 Tight Rope
04 Stranger In A Strange Land
05 Hummingbird
06 Back To The Island
07 Out In The Woods
08 Lady Blue
09 Delta Lady
10 Magic Mirror
11 This Masquerade

By MARowe