Demon Music UK continues the releases of yearly vault tracks for T. Rex with an upcoming 4CD Box. Inside the Box will be Tanx (1973), and Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Riders of Tomorrow (1973). Included within the set will be collected singles, non-album singles, B-sides, demos, outtakes from sessions for these two albums, and an “abandoned” album that covers CD4.

The set will also contain a 44-page booklet with a brand new essay written for this release. There will be an impressive collection of photos from 1973 to help fill up the booklet with gold.

The Box will be called T. Rex 1973: Whatever Happened To The Teenage Dream? and will contain 82 tracks in all. If you’re a Tanx and/or Zinc Alloy era fan, then this set of collected bonuses will be a must. This box is scheduled for release on May 26.

T. Rex 1973: Whatever Happened To The Teenage Dream?T. Rex

CD1 (Tanx/Bonus 45 Cuts)
01 Tenement Lady
02 Rapids
03 Mister Mister
04 Broken Hearted Blues
05 Shock Rock
06 Country Honey
07 Electric Slim and The Factory Hen
08 Mad Donna
09 Born To Boogie
10 Life Is Strange
11 The Street and Babe Shadow
12 Highway Knees
13 Left Hand Luke and The Beggar Boys
Bonus 45 Cuts
14 Children Of The Revolution
15 Jitterbug Love
16 Sunken Rags
17 Solid Gold Easy Action
18 XMas Riff
19 20th Century Boy
20 Free Angel

CD2 (Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow/A Creamed Cage In August/Bonus 45 Cuts)
01 Venus Loon
02 Sound Pit
03 Explosive Mouth
04 Galaxy
05 Change
06 Nameless Wildness
07 Teenage Dream
08 Liquid Gang
09 Carsmile Smith & The Old One
10 You’ve Got To Jive To Stay Alive – Spanish Midnight
11 Interstellar Soul
12 Painless Persuasion v The Meathawk Immaculate
13 The Avengers (Superbad)
14 The Leopards Featuring Gardenia & The Mighty Slug
Bonus 45 Cuts
15 The Groover
16 Midnight
17 Truck On (Tyke)
18 Sitting Here
19 Satisfaction Pony

CD3 (Private Numbers)
Tanx Era
01 Jitterbug Love
02 Electric Slim and The Factory Hen (alias You Got The Look)
03 Highway Knees
04 Mad Donna
05 Mister Mister
06 Country Honey
07 Rapids
08 Life Is Strange
09 The Street and Babe Shadow
10 Darling
11 Free Angel
12 Left Hand Luke and The Beggar Boys
Zinc Alloy Era
13 Change
14 Galaxy
15 Carsmile Smith & The Old One
16 Spanish Midnight
17 Sitting There (Sitting Here)
18 Gardenia & The Mighty Slug
19 The Groover
20 Dance In The Midnight
21 Saturation Syncopation
22 Delanie
23 Saturday Night
24 Till Dawn
25 Stand By Me

CD4 (Look To Your Soul)
T. Rex
01 Hope You Enjoy The Show
Big Carrot
02 Blackjack
03 Squint Eye Mangie
T. Rex – Zinc Alloy Outtakes
04 The Avengers (Superbad)
05 Look to Your Soul
06 Down Home Lady
07 All My Love
Sister Pat Hall
08 When I Was A Child
09 Ghetto Baby
10 Sailors Of The Highway
11 Jitterbug Love
12 High
13 City Port
14 Sunken Rags
15 Do Your Thing
16 Tell Me
T. Rex
17 Sky Church Music
18 Teenage Dream (Top Of The Pops version)

By MARowe