On February 24, Purple Records have a 6CD Box coming for Trapeze (here); labeled Volume 1, the hint that an extension is coming is unmistakable. Trapeze wasa rock ensemble that, while garnering less attention than they deserved, managed to develop a devout collection of fans. Their output only lasted for 6 studio albums. The first two Threshold and a Decca/Island set of releases are included within the first Volume of the Trapeze box.

On April 28, Purple Records pulls a surprise release with the second volume for Trapeze hot on the tail of the first. It will hold 5CDs and carry the Trapeze sets that include the bands last three sets (Hot Wire – 1974, Trapeze – 1975, Hold On – 1979) as well as three CDs of live shows, two of which have been officially released, but all three from the peak periods. Those live sets include Live From The Boat Club, a recording of their September 13, 1975 show in Nottingham that was previously issued via MLP in 2006; Live In Arlington from their September 12, 1976 Arlington, TX show at the Texas Hall Auditorium, and the previously released Live In Texas – Dead Armadillos, recorded on May 5, 1981 at the Austin Opry House in Austin, TX.

The set will be called Midnight Flyers, and sub-titled Complete Recordings Volume 2 1974-1981.

Midnight Flyers: Complete Recordings Volume 2, 1974-1981 Trapeze

CD1 (Hot Wire/Trapeze)
Hot Wire
01 Back Street Love
02 Take It On Down The Road
03 Midnight Flyer
04 Wake Up, Shake Up
05 Turn It On
06 Steal A Mile
07 Goin’ Home
08 Feel It Inside

09 Star Breaker
10 It’s Alright
11 Chances
12 The Raid
13 Sunny Side Of The Street
14 Gimme Good Love
15 Monkey
16 I Need You
17 Soul Stealer
18 Nothin’ For Nothing

CD2 (Hold On)
01 Don’t Ask Me How I Know
02 Take Good Care Of Me
03 When You Get To Heaven
04 Living On Love
05 Hold On
06 Don’t Break My Heart – Part I
07 Running
08 You Are
09 Time Will Heal

CD3 (Live At The Boat Club)
01 Back Street Love
02 You Are The Music
03 Jury
04 Star Breaker
05 Way Back To The Bone
06 Medusa
07 Black Cloud
08 Sunny Side Of The Street
09 The Raid

CD4 (Live At Arlington)
01 You Are The Music
02 L.A. Cutoff
03 Medusa
04 Space High
05 Coast To Coast
06 Midnight Flyer
07 Seafull
08 Jury
09 Way Back To The Bone

CD5 (Live in Texas – Dead Armadillos)
01 Back Street Love
02 Hold On
03 Midnight Flyer
04 You Are The Music We’re Just The Band
05 Black Cloud
06 Way Back To The Bone

By MARowe