Trapeze was a ’70s Rock band that, although popular, never rose much beyond the ranks of average for the day. Which is shame as the band delivered a string of satisfying albums that scratched the inter-releases itch of the bigger bands. Trapeze yielded Glenn Hughes who went on to play for Deep Purple for a period, as well as a catalog of solo albums. With six studio albums in their catalog, Trapeze was an excellent band that had a devout fanbase.

On February 24, a 6CD Box is planned for Trapeze called Don’t Stop The Music: Complete Recordings Vol. 1 1970-1992. Within the box will be the band’s first three albums recorded and released from 1970-1972 on Threshold Records. (Threshold Records was the boutique label for The Moody Blues.) In addition to those three studio albums (Trapeze – 1970, Medusa – 1970, You Are The Music…We’re Just The Band – 1972), there will be a previously unreleased 1973 live set (on 2CDs) from Dallas, TX performed at the Majestic Theater on April 27, 1973. Also included will be a 1992 Borderline show in London on May 16, 1992 called Welcome To The Real World. The box is being released via Purple Records (a Deep Purple label distributed via Cherry Red UK).

Don’t Stop The Music: Complete Recordings, Vol 1. 1970-1992 Trapeze

CD1 (Trapeze)
01 It’s Only A Dream
02 The Giant’s Dead Hoorah!
03 Over
04 Nancy Gray
05 Medley: Fairytale/Verily Verily/Fairytale
06 It’s My Life
07 Am I
08 Suicide
09 Wings
10 Another Day
11 Send Me No More Letters
12 It’s Only A Dream

CD2 (Medusa)
01 Black Cloud
02 Jury
03 Your Love Is Alright
04 Touch My Life
05 Seafull
06 Makes You Wanna Cry
07 Medusa

CD3 (You Are The Music…We’re Just The Band)
01 Keepin’ Time
02 Coast To Coast
03 What Is A Woman’s Role
04 Way Back To The Bone
05 Feelin’ So Much Better Now
06 Will Our Love End
07 Loser
08 You Are The Music

CD4 (Live in Dallas at the Majestic Theater, April 27, 1973 – Part 1)
01 Way Back To The Bone
02 You Are The Music
03 Jury
04 Seafull
05 Your Love Is Alright

CD5 (Live in Dallas at the Majestic Theater, April 27, 1973 – Part 2)
01 Medusa
02 Black Cloud
03 Keepin’ Time
04 Touch My Life

CD6 (Welcome To The Real World – Live at The Borderline – London, May 16, 1992)
01 You Are The Music
02 Way Back To The Bone
03 Welcome To The Real World
04 Coast To Coast
05 Midnight Flyer
06 Homeland
07 Touch My Life
08 Your Love Is Alright
09 Black Cloud

By MARowe