When Little River Band arrived on the charts in their native Australia, it was an album that featured an extraordinary version of “It’s A Long Way There” that clocked in around 8 minutes and some change. The song was edited for a single, and along with “Emma”, and “Curiosity (Killed The Cat)” gave the band deserved attention, with “It’s A Long Way There” in its edited for single form hitting the Top40. (The longer LP version is quite a treat, a departure from the singles band they would become!)

On December 9, Universal will release two separate compilation titles for Little River Band. One will be called Masterpieces, a 2CD package which will provide remastered versions of deep cuts from the band’s eleven EMI/Capitol/MCA sets. The other is a 2CD newly remastered ‘best of’ that will feature Little River Band hits and popular tracks and is being called Ultimate Hits.

Ultimate Hits, and Masterpieces will be available in separate 2CD, DD, and 3LP sets.

Ten of the original albums have been newly remastered and expanded. They will be made available for DD on October 14, with the CD and LP counterparts being made available at a later date in 2023.

Ultimate HitsLittle River Band

01. It’s A Long Way There
02. Curiosity (Killed The Cat)
03. I’ll Always Call Your Name
04. Emma
05. Everyday Of My Life
06. Help Is On Its Way
07. Witchery
08. Home On Monday
09. Happy Anniversary
10. Shut Down, Turn Off
11. Reminiscing

01 Lady
02 Lonesome Loser
03 Cool Change
04 It’s Not A Wonder
05 I’m Coming Home
06 The Night Owls
07 Take It Easy On Me
08 Man On Your Mind
09 Down On The Border
10 The Other Guy
11 We Two
12 You’re Driving Me Out Of My Mind
13 Playing To Win
14 Forever Blue

MasterpiecesLittle River Band

01 My Lady And Me (5:16)
02 Days On The Road (5:23)
03 Broke Again (3:28)
04 Seine City (3:47)
05 Another Runway (6:32)
06 Raelene, Raelene (4:32)
07 Fall From Paradise (5:06)
08 Light Of Day (8:04)
09 By My Side (4:28)
10 Hard Life (Prelude) (2:46)
11 Hard Life (4:50)
12 Middle Man (4:29)
13 Mistress Of Mine (5:16)

01 Just Say That You Love Me (4:02)
02 Don’t Let The Needle Win (3:39)
03 Mr. Socialite (5:26)
04 Sleepless Nights (5:17)
05 Easy Money (4:01)
06 I Know It (3:22)
07 Love Letters (3:08)
08 Blind Eyes (5:02)
09 No Reins On Me (4:41)
10 How Many Nights? (4:38)
11 When The War Is Over (5:13)
12 Face In The Crowd (4:48)
13 Full Circle (1:58)

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