The Who helped to create the Rock energies of the ’60s and ’70s with their high-powered on-stage presence and their excellent body of music. Energized by Keith Moon, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, and John Entwistle, The Who left a lasting mark on the brand of Rock and Roll. But each also explored their sides outside the cover of The Who. Most had varying levels of success. John Entwistle performed with several iterations of a band, one of them John Entwistle’s Ox, which showed up in 1975 on Mad Dog. Overall, John Entwistle released seven albums away from The Who.

In 2022, Volume 1 of Rarities Oxhumed appeared with 13 tracks – demos, live performance tracks, and unreleased studio tracks. It was released via Deko Entertainment.

On July 19, Deko Entertainment further explores the rarities of John Entwistle with Volume 2 of Rarities Oxhumed. Inside this set will be 13 more tracks, most of them live performance tracks, but some of them alternates and remixes. This adds to the library of one of Rock’s great musicians and bass player. Most of the tracks represent his years as The John Entwistle Band, and have been remastered for this set. A few of the live tracks are Who live recordings (“Real Me”, Young Man Blues”, “Long Live Rock”).

Rarities Oxhumed, Volume 2 will be released on CD and DD forms for all of the fans of The Ox.

Rarities Oxhumed, Volume 2John Entwistle
01 Endless Vacation (Video Mix)
02 Sometimes (Alternate Mix)
03 Rebel Without A Car (Alternate Mix)
04 When The Sun Come Up (Single Remix)
05 Horror Rock (Steve’s Re-Mix)
06 Tommy-Eminence (Live)
07 Young Man Blues (Live)
08 Real Me (Live)
09 Long Live Rock (Live)
10 Boris Blues-Extended Version (Live)
11 Whiskey Man (Live)
12 Had Enough (Live)
13 Heaven and Hell (Live)

By MARowe