The The, mostly with Matt Johnson, the band’s long-term original member, provided Post-Punk with solid music during a bumpy ride that gave up some excellent albums. And although the band didn’t have the solidity that many bands do with at least a few albums featuring the entire lineup, the public adored the The The in any incarnation. The The released four strongly charted albums and gave up a nice collection of singles that were largely appreciated by UK fans. Over time, The The delivered six studio albums and four soundtracks under their moniker.

On September 6, The The return with Matt Johnson at the helm and four musicians with the band since 2018, with a brand new and long-awaited album. It is the band’s first album in 25 years. Supplied with 13 new songs, the new album by The TheEnsoulment – will help patch up an unrepaired hole left behind by their last departure. The new album will feature a packed 32-page booklet with plenty of reading and gazing for longtime fans. The first single from the album is “Cognitive Dissident”, heard below. The The still does it well.

Ensoulment will be released on CD (in Hardcover MediaBook, and Digipak), DD, Limited Edition CS, along with several forms of vinyl offerings that will include 2LP on standard black vinyl, 2LP on Crystal Clear vinyl, a Limited Edition 3LP 10″ Box with the music cut at 45RPM (Sold Out), and a 7″ vinyl box that will provide 3 vinyl singles (Sold Out). You can pre-order here.

EnsoulmentThe The
01 Cognitive Dissident
02 Some Days I Drink My Coffee By The Grave Of William Blake
03 Zen & The Art Of Dating
04 Kissing The Ring Of POTUS
05 Life After Life
06 I Want To Wake Up With You
07 Down By The Frozen River
08 Risin’ Above The Need
09 Linoleum Smooth To The Stockinged Foot
10 Where Do We Go When We Die?
11 I Hope You Remember (the things I can’t forget)
12 A Rainy Day In May

By MARowe