I recently came across The Hu about a year back. Their brand of Rock is backed in unusual but satisfying approaches that blend throat-singing, folk/metal, and the Mongolian historical influence brought to life on traditional Mongolian instruments. The music they create now occupies the grooves of a previous album – The Gereg, issued in 2019.

On November 25, The Hu will deliver their second album. This album of 12 new songs will be titled Rumble Of Thunder. What you will find on Rumble of Thunder will be a continuation of the well-liked debut set. The Gereg enjoyed excellent chart progress around the world including the UK and the US. That album generated five hot singles including “Yuve Yuve Yu” (hear below), and “Wolf Totem”. The new album has issued its first single with “Black Thunder” (hear below).

Rumble Of Thunder will be released on CD, DD, CS, and six color variants of vinyl LP worldwide. Here is the Season Of Mist label link for pre-orders, and the US site for The Hu (here).

Rumble Of ThunderThe Hu
01 This is Mongol
02 YUT Hövende
03 Triangle
04 Teach Me
05 Upright Destined Mongol
06 Sell The World
07 Black Thunder
08 Mother Nature
09 Bii Biyelgee
10 Segee
11 Shihi Hutu
12 TATAR Warrior

By MARowe