The Damned entertained the Post-Punk era of the late ’70s with their UK punk brand of music. Their style led them through six years of the ’80s with an overall collection of seven albums. Those included their 1977 Stiff Records classic, Damned Damned Damned, that gave them their hit, “Neat Neat Neat”, and the ill-received Music For Pleasure – a breakup, and their energized return with their third album, Machine Gun Etiquette in 1979. The Damned shifted music style to a goth-y set. By their fifth album – StrawberriesThe Damned were rolling along nicely.

Iconoclassic Records revisits Strawberries with a 2CD remaster of the 1982 gem by The Damned. Not only will Strawberries be reintroduced with a new audio jump up, it will offer a collection of bonus tracks that include singles, remixes, and live performance tracks. Additionally, there will be two non-album singles with “Fun Factory”, and “Lovely Money”. It is scheduled for October 7th!

A 20-page booklet is included with notes, photos, and more. Let’s hope for more featuring The Damned. (Note to Iconoclassic: I think you should revisit Magazine with their amazing few gems!)

Strawberries (40th Anniversary Remaster) – The Damned

CD1 (Original Album 2022 Remaster)
01 Ignite
02 Generals
03 Stranger On The Town
04 Dozen Girls
05 The Dog
06 Gun Fury (Of Riot Forces)
07 Pleasure And The Pain
08 The Missing Link
09 Life Goes On
10 Bad Time For Bonzo
11 Under The Floor Again
12 Don’t Bother Me

CD2 (Bonus Tracks: Singles/Remixes/Live Performance Tracks)
01 Fun Factory
02 Lovely Money
03 I Think I’m Wonderful
04 Lovely Money – Disco Mix
05 Dozen Girls (7”)
06 Take That
07 Mine’s A Large One, Landlord
08 Torture Me
09 Disguise
10 Citadel Zombies (7”)
11 Ignite (Live in Newcastle)
12 Disco Man (Live in Newcastle)
13 Generals (Live in Newcastle)
14 Bad Time For Bonzo (Live in Newcastle)
15 Dozen Girls (Live in Newcastle)

By MARowe