The Cure is a late ’70s UK band that endured and saw its greatest successes well into the early ’90s. They enjoyed 13 studio releases, a handful of hot singles that included “Friday, I’m In Love”, “Fascination Street”, “Lullaby”, “Lovesong”, and many more, and well-received stage shows. To this day, The Cure is as well loved as they have always been while they continue to give fans excellent worth.

On October 7, The Cure will revisit their 1992 album, Wish, and give it a new remaster. Along with the audio upgrade, they will include a hefty collection of previously unreleased tracks, demos, remixes, and a live performance track. Wish will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary with the reissue.

Wish will be released on 3CD, album-only CD, 2LP (black vinyl), and DD.

Wish (30th Anniversary Edition – 2022 Remaster) – The Cure

CD1 (Original Album – 2022 Remaster)
01 Open
02 High
03 Apart
04 From the Edge of the Green Sea
05 Wendy Time
06 Doing the Unstuck
07 Friday I’m in Love
08 Trust
09 A Letter to Elise
10 Cut
11 To Wish Impossible Things
12 End

CD2 (Bonus Tracks – Demos – 2022 Remaster)
01 The Big Hand (1990 Demo)
02 Cut (1990 Demo)
03 A Letter to Elise (1990 Demo)
04 Wendy Time (1990 Demo)
05 This Twilight Garden (Instrumental Demo)
06 Scared as You (Instrumental Demo)
07 To Wish Impossible Things (Instrumental Demo)
08 Apart (Instrumental Demo)
09 T7 (Instrumental Demo)
10 Now Is the Time (Instrumental Demo)
11 Miss van Gogh (Instrumental Demo)
12 T6 (Instrumental Demo)
13 Play (Instrumental Demo)
14 A Foolish Arrangement (Instrumental Demo)
15 Halo (Instrumental Demo)
16 Trust (Instrumental Demo)
17 Abetabw (Instrumental Demo)
18 T8 (Instrumental Demo)
19 Heart Attack (Instrumental Demo)
20 Swing Change (Instrumental Demo)
21 Frogfish (Instrumental Demo)

CD3 (Bonus Tracks – Remixes/Instrumentals/Live)
01 Uyea Sound (Dim-D Mix)
02 Cloudberry (Dim-D Mix)
03 Off to Sleep… (Dim-D Mix)
04 The Three Sisters (Dim-D Mix)
05 A Wendy Band (Instrumental)
06 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (Partscheckruf Mix)
07 Open (Fix Mix)
08 High (Higher Mix)
09 Doing the Unstuck (Extended 12″ Mix)
10 Friday I’m in Love (Strangelove Mix)
11 A Letter to Elise (Blue Mix)
12 End (Live in Paris – 1992)

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