The Kinks – a ’60s powerhouse band that lasted well into the ’90s with best-selling albums and singles – were UK brilliance with their output. They’ve released 24 studio albums and can boast of a large selection of hit singles from those albums for easily 15 years running. Two of those studio wonders were Muswell Hillbillies, and Everybody’s In Show Biz. Both were issued via RCA Records and both inside the first ten years of the band’s existence.


On September 9, both Muswell Hillbillies, and Everybody’s In Show Biz will be reissued with new 2022 remastering as standalone CD releases via BMG Records. The two sets will feature a small collection of bonus tracks. Both are being reissued in celebration of their 50 years of existence. A separate Deluxe Edition will be issued that will contain both titles on 6LPs, 4CDs, and a BD (with Ray Davies’ 1971 Home Movie), a 52-page hardbound book, 6 photo prints, a London Roots Map, and a button/pin. One of the CDs and a black vinyl LP will contain 11 new Ray Davies remixes. The original albums will be pressed on color 180g-weight vinyl LPs. The Deluxe Box is for the hard-core Kinks fan. A 2CD MediaBook will be released with both albums remastered.

Both titles will be standalone issued on 2CD and LP sets as well.

The Muswell Hillbillies (2022 Remaster) – The Kinks
01 20th Century Man
02 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
03 Holiday
04 Skin And Bone
05 Alcohol
06 Complicated Life
07 Here Come The People In Grey
08 Have A Cuppa Tea
09 Holloway Jail
10 Oklahoma U.S.A.
11 Uncle Son
12 Muswell Hillbilly
Bonus Tracks (2022 Remixes)
13 20th Century Man
14 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
15 Traveling With My Band

Everybody’s In Show Biz (2022 Remaster) – The Kinks
01 Here Comes Yet Another Day
02 Maximum Consumption
03 Unreal Reality
04 Hot Potatoes
05 Sitting In My Hotel
06 Motorway
07 You Don’t Know My Name
08 Supersonic Rocket Ship
09 Look A Little On The Sunny Side
10 Celluloid Heroes
11 Top Of The Pops
12 Brainwashed
13 Mr. Wonderful
14 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
15 Holiday
16 Muswell Hillbilly
17 Alcohol
18 Banana Boat Song
19 Skin And Bone
20 Baby Face
21 Lola
Bonus Track (2022 Remix)
22 Celluloid Heroes

By MARowe