R.E.M. began their meteoric rise with the release of their first set of recorded music on Murmur. That album was released in 1984 by the influential and rising star vehicle of I.R.S. Records. But R.E.M. arrived earlier than that with the release of their EP, Chronic Town. Chronic Town was issued in 1982 with 5 songs on vinyl.

On August 19, R.E.M. will revisit Chronic Town in celebration of its 40th Anniversary with a brand new reissue. This reissue will offer the original five tracks, buffing up the offering with a booklet that will detail the EP with new notes and photos. In addition, there is a first issue on CD for the CD “only” crowd.

Chronic Town will reissue on CD, DD, CS, (also a limited manufacture of 500 collectible cassette Box with included design cassette player), and a picture disc vinyl set.

Chronic TownR.E.M.
01 Wolves, Lower
02 Gardening At Night
03 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)
04 1,000,000
05 Stumble

By MARowe