In the early ’70s. the band Montrose garnered plenty of love for the songs of their four peak-era albums that started with the self-titled Montrose (1973), and ended with Jump On It (1976). Sam Hagar was a member of the band for their first two albums. Eventually, due to stress, Montrose ended the band in 1976. Ronnie Montrose himself went on to release a solo album, Open Fire in 1978. The rest is, as they say, history.

On July 29, HNE Records (division of Cherry Red UK) will release a 6CD Box that will feature the four peak-era Montrose albums (Montrose, Paper Money, Warner Bros. Presents, Jump On It) along with a healthy collection of bonus tracks, demos, and two live radio sessions. Both of the radio sessions are for KSAN, one in April of 1973, and the other in December of 1974.

The 6CDs will be housed in a box.

I Got The Fire – Complete Recordings 1973-1976Montrose

CD1 (Montrose -1973)
01 Rock The Nation
02 Bad Motor Scooter
03 Space Station #5
04 I Don’t Want It
05 Good Rockin’ Tonight
06 Rock Candy
07 One Thing On My Mind
08 Make It Last
Bonus Tracks
09 Rock The Nation (Mono)
10 Rock The Nation (Stereo)
11 Space Station #5 (Mono edit)
12 Space Station #5 (Stereo edit)

CD2 (Demos/Live Radio – KSAN)
01 One Thing On My Mind (Demo)
02 Shoot Us Down (Demo)
03 Rock Candy (Demo)
04 Good Rockin’ Tonight (Demo)
05 I Don’t Want It (Demo)
06 Make It Last (Demo)
Live KSAN Radio Session. Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, USA – April 21, 1973
07 Intro
08 Good Rockin’ Tonight
09 Rock Candy
10 Bad Motor Scooter
11 Shoot Us Down
12 One Thing On My Mind
13 Rock The Nation
14 Make It Last
15 You’re Out Of Time
16 Roll Over Beethoven
17 I Don’t Want It

CD3 (Paper Money – 1974)
01 Underground
02 Connection
03 The Dreamer
04 Starliner
05 I Got The Fire
06 Spaceage Sacrifice
07 We’re Going Home
08 Paper Money
Bonus Tracks
09 Paper Money (Stereo edit)
10 Paper Money (Mono edit)
11 Connection (Mono edit)

CD4 (Live KSAN Radio Session – December 26, 1974)
01 Intro
02 I Got The Fire
03 Rock Candy
04 Bad Motor Scooter
05 Spaceage Sacrifice
06 One And A Half
07 Roll Over Beethoven
08 Trouble
09 Space Station #5

CD5 (Warner Bros. Presents Montrose! – 1975)
01 Matriarch
02 All I Need
03 Twenty Flight Rock
04 Whaler
05 Dancin’ Feet
06 O Lucky Man
07 One And A Half
08 Clown Woman
09 Black Train
Bonus Track
10 Matriarch (Mono edit)

CD6 (Jump On It -1976)
01 Let’s Go
02 What Are You Waiting For?
03 Tuft-Sedge
04 Music Man
05 Jump On It
06 Rich Man
07 Crazy For You
08 Merry Go-Round
Bonus Tracks
09 Music Man (Stereo edit)
10 Music Man (Mono edit)
11 Let’s Go (Stereo edit)
12 Let’s Go (Mono edit)

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