As if SACD aficionados thought that Van Halen, and ELO were going to be allowed to steal all the thunder, it’s also announced that one of the classic Eagles sets – Desperado – will be making the jump to the cauldron of SACD releases.  And no surprise. Desperado will join the now out of stock SACD reissue of Eagles‘ eponymous debut in HD quality remasters.

Desperado was previously reissued as a remastered 180g-weight 45RPM 2LP vinyl box alongside of Eagles (1972), both of which are currently on Sold Out status. On The Border (1974), One Of These Nights (1975), Hotel California (1976), and The Long Run (1979) are in production and will be soon released as 180g-weight 45RPM 2LP remasters. To date, only Eagles, and – now – Desperado are out on SACD. It’s hoped that soon, the other classic-era Eagles titles will also be reissued on the SACD format, a thing I’m sure will be soon announced.


Preorder links are here for Desperado SACD, On The Border 2LP, One Of These Nights 2LP, Hotel California 2LP, and The Long Run 2LP. On The Border, and One Of These Nights are limited to 10,000 copies, while Hotel California, and The Long Run are limited to 15,000 copies only.


By MARowe

One thought on “Eagles To Reissue Desperado As SACD, And 4 Other Titles As 2LP 45RPM Boxes”
  1. I have had Desperado on pre-order for several months. At the time of my pre-order, MO-FI said it would be shipped in spring 2022. The most recent date I’ve seen is mid-April. We’ll see. It seems MO-FI has difficulty in releasing announced titles in a timely fashion. Once they are released, case in point, Truth by The Jeff Beck Group, the initial run goes quickly and restock could take months. I know this could be a supply chain issue but this was the case going back years before Covid. I waited a long time before Surrealistic Pillow by the Airplane was released. Other titles promised on SACD include Groovin’ by The Young Rascals (in mono) and Local Hero by Mark Knopfler. I also heard over a year ago that titles by C S & N, David Crosby and Howlin’ Wolf may be headed for SACD in the months to come after the vinyl releases. Here’s hoping.

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