Uriah Heep has enjoyed a mesmorizing career although mired in some tragedies that included Gary Thain (death), and David Byron (firing and subsequent death). Formed by Mick Box at a young age, Uriah Heep has successfully stayed relevant throughout its lengthy 50+ years of music. With 24 studio albums to their catalog, seven of those with a largely peak-era lineup. Their last with Thain was Wonderworld; David Byron would no longer be a part of Uriah Heep just two albums and two years later. Through it all, Mick Box remains from the original lineup.

Wonderworld enjoyed a worldwide appreciation with classic songs like “Suicidal Man”, “Wonderworld”, “Something Or Nothing”, and “So Tired”. To date, Sanctuary has given excellent CD reissues, and incredible vinyl LP reissues with reimagined covers and picture discs. Thus far, many reissues have stopped after The Magician’s Birthday. Many of us have waited patiently but fearfully for Sweet Freedom, and beyond.

On April 14, Sanctuary goes into the void with a new LP reissue for Wonderworld. Originally issued in 1974, the album is still a classic of the band’s library for many fans. As with the earlier albums (except for Sweet Freedom, which I hope follows closely), Wonderworld will be reissued in the same way that the first five were.

Watch for better information when actual LP reissue photos arrive for the set. But it should be as deliriously pleasant as this:

By MARowe