As with many bands before them, Green Day has recorded live music in BBC sessions. And as with many bands before them, they’re good enough to release on their own. Green Day, a band primarily of the ’90s, has released 13 studio albums since 1990, many of them reaching multi-platinum status. Their most popular set, American Idiot, was issued in 2004, and sold more than 14 million copies of the album worldwide.

On December 10, Green Day will release a 16-track live BBC Sessions (from Maida Vale Studios) album with cuts spanning timeframes of 1994 through 2001. With a collected reach, Green Day will issue an effective live album to be known as BBC Sessions.

BBC Sessions will be released on CD, DD, and a limited edition 2LP package.  One of the 2LP sets will feature Pink and Blue-colored LPs (exclusive from the Green Day store (here), and a milky clear 2LP set to be sold in independent shops. 

BBC Sessions Green Day
01 She (June 8 1994)
02 When I Come Around (June 8 1994)
03 Basket Case (June 8 1994)
04 2000 Light Years Away (June 8 1994)
05 Geek Stink Breath (November 3 1996)
06 Brain Stew’/’Jaded (November 3 1996)
07 Walking Contradiction ( November 3 1996)
08 Stuck With Me (November 3 1996)
09 Hitchin’ A Ride (February 12 1998)
10 Nice Guys Finish Last (February 12 1998)
11 Prosthetic Head (February 12 1998)
12 Redundant (February 12 1998)
13 Castaway (August 28 2001)
14 Church On Sunday (August 28 2001)
15 Minority (August 28 2001)
16 Waiting (August 28 2001)

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