Jethro Tull is one of Rock’s early successes. With a Prog-styled approach musically and lyrically, Jethro Tull created a unique music that resonated with fans…and still does. The band released 21 studio albums, a handful of live sets, and a few compilations. Over the last few years, Jethro Tull titles have been revisited, updated, and reissued as super packages, usually with the dial mastery of Steven Wilson to upgrade the audio. Benefit was released in 1970, and had a 2013 remix by SW.

On November 5, the 50th Anniversary of Benefit will be celebrated with a massive 4CD/2DVD casebound book Deluxe Edition. The album will feature a new Stereo remix by Steven Wilson, as well as two 5.1 Surround mixes in DTS and Dolby. Both Surround remixes are also by Steven Wilson. A 96kHz/24-bit upgraded Stereo version is in the package, too. To bolster the set, a flat transfer of the original UK and US masters will be included, both at 96kHz/24-bit Stereo.

Other discs hold a mono recording of Jethro Tull‘s August 16, 1970 appearance at The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. A new SW Stereo remix of their 1970 Fillmore at Tanglewood show is also in the box. Additionally, mono and stereo remixes of various A and B-sides help fill the package. A 100-page book completes the set.

Old news, I know. But if you aren’t aware, here it is.

Benefit (50th Anniversary Box) – Jethro Tull

CD1 (Original Album – SW Stereo Remix)
01 With You There To Help Me
02 Nothing To Say
03 Alive And Well And Living In
04 Son
05 For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me
06 To Cry You A Song
07 A Time For Everything?
08 Inside
09 Play In Time
10 Sossity; You’re A Woman
Associated Recordings
11 Singing All Day
12 Sweet Dream
13 17
14 Teacher (UK Single Version)
15 Teacher (US Album Version)
16 My God (Early Version)
17 Just Trying To Be

CD2 (Additional Associated Recordings)
Original 1969-1970 Mono Mixes
01 Singing All Day
02 Sweet Dream(UK single ‘A’ side)
03 17 (UK single ‘B’ side)
04 The Witch’s Promise (EUR single double ‘A’ side)
05 Teacher (UK Single Version) (EUR single double ‘A’ side)
06 Teacher (US Album Version) ( US single ‘B’ side)
07 Inside (UK Single’ A’ side)
08 Alive And Well And Living In (UK Single’ B’ side)
09 A Time For Everything ( US single ‘B’ side)
Original 1969-1970 Stereo Mixes
10 Sweet Dream
11 17
12 The Witch’s Promise (UK single double ‘A’ side)
13 Teacher (UK Single Version)(UK single double ‘A’ side)
14 The Witch’s Promise (US promo single ‘A’ side)
15 Teacher (US Album Version) (US promo single ‘B’ side)
1971 Stereo Remixes
16 Singing All Day
17 Sweet Dream
18 The Witch’s Promise
19 Teacher (US album Version)
Original Radio Spots
20 Benefit Radio Spot #1
21 Benefit Radio Spot #2

CD3 (Live at Tanglewood – 1970 – SW Remix)
01 Introduction And Tuning
02 Nothing Is Easy
03 My God (incl. Flute Solo)
04 With You There To Help Me / By Kind Permission Of
05 Dharma For One (incl. Drum Solo (edited))
06 We Used To Know
07 Guitar Instrumental
08 For A Thousand Mothers

CD4 (Live at The Aragon Ballroom – August 16, 1970, Chicago) [Mono]
01 Introduction And Tuning
02 My Sunday Feeling
03 My God (incl. Flute Solo)
04 To Cry You A Song
05 With You There To Help Me / By Kind Permission Of
06 Sossity; You’re A Woman / Reasons For Waiting
07 Nothing Is Easy
08 Dharma For One (incl. Drum Solo)
09 We Used To Know
10 Guitar Instrumental
11 For A Thousand Mothers

01 Steven Wilson’s 2013 remix of the album and 5 extra tracks in DTS
and Dolby AC 3 5.1 surround and stereo 96/24 LPCM
02 Flat transfers of the original UK+US LP master in 96/24 LPCM
& Additional tracks Sweet Dream, 17 & The Witch’s Promise

The 1970 Fillmore at Tanglewood Concert on video with Steven Wilson’s 2020 audio remix in stereo and 5.1 surround.

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