The Pretenders brought a punk(ish) feel to their 1979 debut album. With that, they not only capitalized on the music mindset of the time, they brought their own feel to the music. This, of course, endeared them immediately to an audience that was in the midst of change…not quite full-blown punk, but fading away from the “dinosaur” Rock of the ’60s and ’70s. While the emergence of radio-ready New Wave was still a little ways off, The Pretenders helped set the stage for that new style of creativity. The Pretenders have released eleven studio sets over the decades.

On November 5, Rhino will delve into the vaults of The Pretenders and release two Deluxe Editions for the band’s first two albums – Pretenders (1979), and Pretenders II (1981). Each set will bring together 3CDs that will join each album’s 2018 remaster with a collection of demos, live performance tracks, and rarities.

The two albums will also feature as Limited Edition color vinyl reissues of the original album. Pretenders will deliver in red vinyl, while Pretenders II will be in white vinyl. The entire set can be acquired in a special bundling available from Rhino (here).

PretendersThe Pretenders

CD1 (Original Album and B-sides)
01 Precious
02 The Phone Call
03 Up The Neck
04 Tattooed Love Boys
05 Space Invader
06 The Wait
07 Stop Your Sobbing
08 Kid
09 Private Life
10 Brass In Pocket
11 Lovers Of Today
12 Mystery Achievement
Collected B-sides
13 Cuban Slide
14 Porcelain
15 The Wait (Nick Lowe Version)
16 Nervous But Shy
17 Swinging London

CD2 (Demos and BBC Sessions)
01 The Phone Call
02 Suicide (Previously Unreleased)
03 Brass In Pocket
04 Precious
05 The Wait
06 I Can’t Control Myself
07 Stop Your Sobbing
08 Tequila
09 Kid
10 I Go To Sleep (Previously Unreleased)
11 Do I Love You (Previously Unreleased)
BBC In Session (The Kid Jensen Show, February 5th, 1979 – Previously Unreleased)
12 The Wait
13 Up The Neck
|14 Stop Your Sobbing
15 Private Life
16 Cuban Slide
BBC In Session (The Kid Jensen Show, July 2nd, 1979)
17 Mystery Achievement
18 I Need Somebody
19 Tattooed Love Boys (Previously Unreleased)

CD3 (Live Performance Tracks)
Live at Paris Theatre, London, January 2nd, 1979 – Previously Unreleased
01 The Wait
02 Stop Your Sobbing
03 Kid
04 Cuban Slide
05 Brass In Pocket
06 Tattooed Love Boys
07 Mystery Achievement
Warner Bros. Music Show: Live at the Paradise Theater, Boston, March 23rd 1980 – Previously Unreleased
08 Space Invader
09 The Wait
10 Precious
11 Kid Precious
12 Private Life Precious
13 Cuban Slide Precious
14 The Phone Call Precious
15 Talk Of The Town Precious
16 Tattooed Love Boys Precious
17 Up The Neck Precious
18 Mystery Achievement Precious
19 Stop Your Sobbing

Pretenders IIThe Pretenders

CD1 (Original Album)
01 The Adultress
02 Bad Boys Get Spanked
03 Message Of Love
04 I Go To Sleep
05 Birds Of Paradise
06 Talk Of The Town
07 Pack It Up
08 Waste Not Want Not
09 Day After Day
10 Jealous Dogs
11 The English Roses
12 Louie Louie

CD2 (Demos, Singles, Outtakes, and Alternates)
01 Talk Of The Town (Demo)
02 What You Gonna Do About It
03 I Go To Sleep (Guitar Version – Outtake)
04 Pack It Up (Radio Mix – Outtake)
05 Day After Day (Single Mix)
06 In The Sticks
07 Louie Louie (Monitor Mix)*
Live in Central Park, NYC, August 30th 1980
08 Precious
09 Space Invader (Previously Unreleased)
10 Cuban Slide (Previously Unreleased)
11 Porcelain (Previously Unreleased)
12 Tattooed Love Boys (Previously Unreleased)
13 Up The Neck (Previously Unreleased)

CD3 (Live At The Santa Monica Civic, September 4th 1981)
01 The Wait
02 The Adultress
03 Message Of Love
04 Louie Louie
05 Talk Of The Town
06 Birds Of Paradise
07 The English Roses
08 Stop Your Sobbing
09 Private Life
10 Kid
11 Day After Day
12 Up The Neck
13 Bad Boys Get Spanked
14 Tattooed Love Boys (Previously Unreleased)
15 Precious (Previously Unreleased)
16 Brass In Pocket
17 Mystery Achievement (Previously Unreleased)
18 Higher And Higher

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