There are many fans of the UK band, UFO. (I wasn’t initially, but my brother was an avid fan. I came around.) With over 20 albums in release, ten of those from their peak years (1974-1985), UFO is a solid interest for most. After Phenomenon (1974), UFO returned with a strong album, Force It (1975). From there, their essentials collected.

On July 9, UFO continues their revitalization of their classic albums with a 2CD Deluxe Edition of Force It. The songs of the original album are newly remastered (digital), with a 2nd CD containing a live set from The Record Plant in NYC on September 23, 1975. A bonus track of “A Million Miles” is added to this Deluxe 2CD package. The soft pack will be protected by an O-Card.

Thanks to Chrysalis Records for continuing the stream of UFO classics in new collectible forms.

Force ItUFO

CD1 (Original Album – 2021 Remaster 2CD Deluxe)
01 Let It Roll
02 Shoot Shoot
03 High Flyer
04 Love Lost Love
05 Out In The Street
06 Mother Mary
07 Too Much Of Nothing
08 Dance Your Life Away
09 This Kid’s / Between The Walls
Bonus Track
10 A Million Miles

CD2 (Live at The Record Plant – NYC – September 23, 1975)
01 Intro
02 Let It Roll
03 Doctor Doctor
04 Oh My
05 Built For Comfort
06 Out In The Street
07 Space Child
08 Mother Mary
09 All Or Nothing
10 This Kid’s
11 Shoot Shoot
12 Rock Bottom

By MARowe

One thought on “UFO To Release 2CD Remaster Of 1975 Classic, Force It”
  1. Could not agree more their early albums with Schenker were excellent. In 2017 there was a reissue too with A Million Miles, Mother Mary, Out In The Streets, Shoot Shoot, Let It Roll & This Kids, i noticed there are a number of extras, some are on the 1st reissue but in a different order, i wonder too if the live disc/music is from the same gig?

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