In times past, some famous talents were in bands prior to their breakout era. And some of them formed bands within the sphere of their fame. For Donovan, this was the case with his affiliation with Open Road. After a series of classic singles and album releases, Donovan felt a need to expand by working with a Rock band. The band was signed to a label and released Open Road (1970). The album did well. Donovan left soon after but allowed the remaining band members to continue recording using the name of Open Road as a band.

Open Road expanded their base and issued a new album Windy Daze, (without Donovan), signing with a new label. The resulting album yielded a fresh prog-styled set of Folk, Jazz, and Psychedelic music fusion. The band was short-lived producing only one officially released album as Open Road.

On June 25, Esoteric Recordings will reissue this delightful 1971 album, Windy Daze. This new reissue will feature brand new remastering, and a collection of 11 bonus tracks (9 previously unreleased). The previously unreleased tracks are actually recorded songs for their expected next album, which was shelved and never released officially. The other two bonus tracks are A and B-sides of their single issue for Windy Daze. This is a boon for collectors for random curiosities that existed in the young days of Rock and Roll. The booklet will feature a new essay about the band, notes, photos, and credits. The album’s original artwork has been restored.

Windy DazeOpen Road

01 Mother Earth
02 Secret Of Life
03 She’s My Sister
04 Mystic Woman
05 Sweet Liquor Woman
06 Waterwheel
07 Boy, You’ve Got The Sun In Your Eyes
08 Shimmers Of Sound
Bonus Tracks
09 Swamp Fever (Single A-side)
10 Lost And Found (Single B-side)

CD2 (Unnamed Second Album – Unreleased)
01 Leading Me On
02 Funny
03 Going For A Quick One Right Now
04 Children Of The Sun
05 Control Interferes With The Flow
06 Can I See You
07 Express Train
08 Every Little Thing
09 Take A Look Around

By MARowe