Jim Dandy gave a lot of muscle to the musical collective known as Black Oak Arkansas. BOA was a band that proliferated in the ’70s when ten of their Atco, and MCA-released albums charted admirably. They are probably best known for their Top20 hit song, “Jim Dandy”, which rose from their 1973 set, High On The Hog. Over the space of 5 heated years, Black Oak Arkansas released 9 studio albums, and 2 live sets before phasing out like many did back then after a whirlwind of creativity.

In January of 2021, Purple Pyramid released a 7CD Box featuring albums from the band’s later years that includes Black Oak, and Jim Dandy’s Black Oak Arkansas incarnation. Even so, the band’s MCA set, X-Rated is included in this box. The seven albums include X-Rated (1975) by BOA, Live! Reading 1976, Race With The Devil (1977), and I’d Rather Be Sailing (1978) by Black Oak, and as Jim Dandy’s Black Oak Arkansas: Ready As Hell (1984), The Black Attack Is Back (1986), and Rebound as a 1991 reformation Black Oak Arkansas project. The Boxed Set is called Jim Dandy To The Rescue.

The set houses the CDs individually in LP-like cardboard slipcases, and includes a 12-page booklet (weak, if you ask me). The set is geared toward Black Oak Arkansas fan, especially those of the singer, Jim Dandy. All the more fun because it’s available now. And who didn’t like them some BOA back “in the day”?!

By MARowe

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