Back in 2015, Fleetwood Mac released a complete definitive and newly remastered edition of Tusk. It was reissued on CD, DD, and a large-scale 5CD/2LP/DVD-Audio (with 5.1 Surround and hi-res Stereo). At the time, the 2LP vinyl version was anticipated but never materialized for fans of Fleetwood Mac and their vinyl enthusiasts. That’s gonna be a different story next month.

On May 14, the 2LP set is being liberated from the all-inclusive 5CD/2LP/DVD-Audio Deluxe Box that held it exclusive. It will be offered on its own as the original 2LP title remastered. As it was packed into the 2015 Box, I’m sure it will emerge with the same quality and inclusions.


By MARowe

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