My Bloody Valentine introduced themselves to the world in 1988 with their Relativity debut of Isn’t Anything. They went wider with the debut Sire release of Loveless and leading to high sales in both the UK and US markets. They only released a handful of LPs and EPs, as well as a nice collection of singles. Recently, the band inked a deal with Domino Records, which will reissue the band’s classic albums as well as release them digitally into the streaming markets.

On May 21, Domino will reissue Isn’t Anything, Loveless, and MBV, along with the 2012 collection, EP’s 1988-1991 and Rare Tracks. All reissues will feature new remastering and new packaging.

Isn’t Anything will reissue as CD, DD (and hi-res FLAC and WAV), a Limited Edition Deluxe LP (includes hi-res DD (MP3) card inside a deluxe gatefold, with 180g-weight black vinyl), and LP (with gatefold jacket, and hi-res DD (MP3) card, black 180g-weight vinyl).

Loveless will be available as a 2CD set with CD1 remastered from original 1630 tape and CD2 mastered from original 1/2″ analog tape. It will also be available on 180g-weight black vinyl in gatefold jacket, added to with a hi-res DD (MP3) card. DD (hi-res) is on the menu in WAV/FLAC/MP3. A Deluxe LP edition has already sold out.

MBV is being reissued on CD (with an 8-page booklet), Limited Edition Deluxe LP Edition with 180g-weight black vinyl, Deluxe gatefold jacket, a hi-res MP3 DD card, and a set of 5 cardboard art prints, a standard LP release in black 180g-weight vinyl, hi-res MP3 DD card, and a set of 5 cardboard art prints, and hi-res WAV/FLAC/MP3 DD.

The EP collection, EP’s 1988-1991 and Rare Tracks will be released as a 2CD set with a 16-page booklet, and hi-res DD on WAV/FLAC/MP3 choices.


By MARowe