Like few others, Tony Levin is an essential part of King Crimson. Levin is an in and out member of King Crimson since 1981, and for well over the last several years. His fluidity with his bass is not to be glossed over. Since 1997, his work with Mike Portnoy‘s instrumental side project, Liquid Tension Experiment, has produced two studio albums and three live sets.

On March 23, Liquid Tension Experiment will release their next studio album, LTE3. The new album, to be made available by noted label, Inside Out Music, is their latest since their last, issued back in 1999. The new iteration of Liquid Tension Experiment features the expert musicianship of Tony Levin, Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, and Jordan Rudess (all but Levin have roots in Dream Theater).

LTE3 will be made available on 2CD (limited digipak, and a special edition of 2CD and BD), DD, and a 2LP [black vinyl]/CD with gatefold jacket. A Deluxe edition of the new album will feature 2CD, BD, and 3LP [Hot Pink] Box that will pack in a poster, and four cards. The Blu-ray will contain 5.1 Surround and hi-resolution Stereo, videos, and an interview with the band.

LTE3Liquid Tension Experiment

01. Hypersonic
02. Beating The Odds
03. Liquid Evolution
04. The Passage Of Time
05. Chris & Kevin’s Amazing Odyssey
06. Rhapsody In Blue
07. Shades Of Hope
08. Key To The Imagination

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Mike Portnoy Project, Liquid Tension Experiment, Returns With New Album, LTE3”
  1. I saw this earlier today. Talk about something out of the blue. Wonder if Covid isolation had anything to do with it.
    BTW, perhaps it is worded awkwardly (to me at least), but this “iteration” of LTE is the same 4 guys that were in the previous iterations. I am also assuming this is the first time Portnoy has collaborated with his old DT buddies since he left the band.

    As always thanks for the update Matt. Glad to see you are still hanging in there.

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