If you were a fan of the Wishbone Ash Vintage Years box that released in 2018, and you’re also a fan of Porcupine Tree, then it should please you to know that the label involved in the Vintage Years box for WBA – Snapper – will also be involved with a 13CD Box for Porcupine Tree.


On November 20, the 13CD The Delerium Years will cover all of Porcupine Tree‘s works on their Delerium label from the years of 1992 through 1997. Inclusions are On The Sunday Of Life (1992), Up The Downstair (1993), The Sky Moves Sideways (1995), which will also include the Moonloop EP (1994) both as a 2CD bundling, Signify (1996), and the Coma Divine live set as a 2CD set.

The Voyage 34: The Complete Trip is included as will be the mini-album, The Staircase Infinities, and the limited run of the studio improvisations set from 1995-96 called Metanoia (1998). Additionally, two sets originally designed for Porcupine Tree Transmission subscribers are packed in: Transmission IV (unedited Moonloop), and Insignificance (1997), a set filled with demos for Signify.  A newly compiled CD – The Sound of No One Listening – is filled with singles and demos not represented in any of the other discs.  

A 140-page hardbound book will be inside with plenty of representative photos and words from and about the Delerium period. Rounding out The Delerium Years Box is a replica poster from the 1995 tour, and the original artwork for Signify. All of the music are remastered for this boxed set.

The Delerium YearsPorcupine Tree

CD1 (On The Sunday of Life…)
01 Music For the Head 
02 Jupiter Island 
03 Third Eye Surfer
04 On the Sunday of Life 
05 The Nostalgia Factory 
06 Space Transmission 
07 Message From a Self Destructing Turnip
08 Radioactive Toy 
09 Nine Cats 
10 Hymn 
11 Footprints 
12 Linton Samuel Dawson
13 And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun 
14 Queen Quotes Crowley 
15 No Luck With Rabbits 
16 Begonia Seduction Scene 
17 This Long Silence 
18 It Will Rain for a Million Years 

CD2 (Up The Downstair)
01 What You are Listening To… 
02 Synesthesia 
03 Monuments Burn Into Moments 
04 Always Never 
05 Up the Downstair
06 Not Beautiful Anymore 
07 Siren 
08 Small Fish 
09 Burning Sky 
10 Fadeaway 

CD3 (Staircase Infinities)
01 Cloud Zero 
02 The Joke’s On You 
03 Navigator 
04 Phantoms 
05 Rainy Taxi 
06 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape 

CD3/CD4 (The Sky Moves Sideways)
01 The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)
02 Dislocated Day 
03 The Moon Touches
04 Your Shoulder 
05 Prepare Yourself 
06 The Sky Moves Sideways
07 (Phase Two) 
01 The Sky Moves Sideways (Alternate Version) 
02 Stars Die 
03 Moonloop (Improvisation) 
04 Moonloop (Coda) 

CD5 (Signify)
01 Bornlivedie 
02 Signify 
03 Sleep Of No Dreaming 
04 Pagan 
05 Waiting (Phase One) 
06 Waiting (Phase Two)
07 Sever 
08 Idiot Prayer 
09 Every Home Is Wired 
10 Intermediate Jesus 
11 “Light Mass Prayers” 
12 Dark Matter 

CD6 (Insignificance)
01 Wake as Gun I 
02 Hallogallo / Signify 
03 Waiting (Demo Version) 
04 Smiling Not Smiling 
05 Wake as Gun II 
06 Neural Rust 
07 Dark Origins 
08 Sever Tomorrow 
09 Nine Cats (Acoustic Version) 

CD7/CD8 (Coma Divine – Live In Rome)
01 Bornlivedieintro 
02 Signify 
03 Waiting (Phase One) 
04 Waiting (Phase Two)
05 The Sky Moves Sideways
06 Dislocated Day 
07 Sleep Of No Dreaming 
08 Moonloop 
01 Up The Downstair 
02 The Moon Touches
03 Your Shoulder 
04 Always Never 
05 IS…NOT 
06 Radioactive Toy
07 Not Beautiful Anymore 

CD9 (Transmission IV)
01 Moonloop (Unedited Improvisation) 40:04

CD10 (Voyage 34)
01 Voyage 34 Phase I 
02 Voyage 34 Phase II 
03 Voyage 34 Phase III – Astralasia Dreamstate 
04 Voyage 34 Phase IV – A New Civilisation 

CD11 (Metanoia)
01 Mesmer I 
02 Mesmer II 
03 Mesmer III / Coma Divine
04 Door to the River 

CD12 (Metanoia I )
01 Intermediate Jesus 
02 Insignificance 
03 Metanoia II 
04 Milan 

CD13 (The Sound of No One Listening)
01 Radioactive Toy  (Short Version) 
02 Synesthesia (Extended Version)
03 Men of Wood 
04 The Sound of No One Listening
05 Colourflow in Mind 
06 Fuse the Sky 
07 Signify II 
08 Disappear (Feb 1997 Demo)
09 Disappear (April 1997 Demo)

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