In the late ’70s, a politically challenging and musically influenced quartet by the name of Gang of Four found fame with their stage shows and their debut classic, Entertainment!, released in 1979. And for four years, the band gave their fans a good helping of great music.

On December 11, Matador Records will release a limited edition of a boxed 5LP/1CS collection called Gang of Four: 77-81. Inside the box will be the first two albums from the band (Entertainment!, and Solid Gold), both newly remastered for this box.  Also included is a 2LP set of the never released live package, Live at American Indian Center 1980, an LP of singles, and a C90 cassette with Side A containing early demos, and Side B containing Abbey Road demos. The cassette is home to 26 previously unreleased tracks.

A 100-page book is included with photos, lyrics, write-ups, and a ton of memorabilia associated with the band’s early years.

Gang of Four: 77-81Gang of Four

LP1 (Entertainment!)
Side A
01 Ether
02 Natural’s Not In It
03 Not Great Men
04 Damaged Goods
05 Return The Gift
06 Guns Before Butter
Side B
01 I Found That Essence Rare
02 Glass
03 Contract
04 At Home He’s A Tourist
05 5.45
06 Love Like Anthrax

LP2 (Solid Gold)
Side A
01 Paralysed
02 What We All Want
03 If I Could Keep It For Myself
04 Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time
05 Why Theory?
Side B
01 Cheeseburger
02 The Republic
03 In The Ditch
04 A Hole In The Wallet
05 He’d Send In The Army

LP3 (Singles)
Side A
01 To Hell With Poverty
02 It’s Her Factory
03 Armalite Rifle
Side B
01 Capital (It Fails Us Now)
02 History’s Bunk!
03 Cheeseburger (Live at Hammersmith Palais)
04 What We All Want (Live at Hammersmith Palais)

LP4/LP5 (Live at American Indian Center – San Francisco – May 22, 1980)
Side A
01 Not Great Men
02 Contract
03 Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time
04 Damaged Goods
Side B
01 He’d Send In The Army
02 Guns Before Butter
03 5.45

Side C
01 Anthrax
02 It’s Her Factory
03 Ether
04 Natural’s Not In It
Side D
01 At Home He’s A Tourist
02 Rosanne
03 Return The Gift
04 Glass

Cassette C90
Side A (The Early Demos)

I) Rehearsal Room: Leeds 1977-78
01 The Things You Do
02 What You Ask For
03 Armalite Rifle
04 Love Like Anthrax
05 Silence Is Not Useful
06 Disco Sound
07 Damaged Goods
08 Elevator

II) Cargo Demos – Cargo Studio, Rochdale
01 Song One
02 Song Two

III) The Tapes – Polydor Studios – January 1978
01 Essence Rare
02 Tourist
03 Return The Gift
04 5.45
05 Corked Up With The Ether

Side B (Abbey Road Demos)
[5th January 1981 – (single track from cassette)]
01 Why Theory
02 Cargo
03 Trains
04 Army
05 Disco/Funk
06 Dog’s Breath
07 Asshole
08 Cymbal
09  Reverb
10 Cheeseburger
11 Ditch

By MARowe