Last year, Lightning Dust delivered their amazing fourth full-length set in Spectre. There are three singles from the album. With Covid-19 in its assault mode, the band found time to write up a few songs, two of which are designated for a new EP. 

On July 23, Lightning Dust will release a 2-track EP called Material Life. It will be released by Western Vinyl 

Lightning Dust is comprised of one of the great voices by Amber Webber,  and musician extraordinaire, Joshua Wells. Together they make for compelling listening. Their single from the EP, “Material Life” can be heard below. For now it appears as if the Material Life EP can only be purchased via DD.

The Calgary Folk Music Festival will be online this year. Lightning Dust will be performing July 26 (Sunday) at 7pm until 7:45pm at the Main Stage. Check that out here.

Material Life (EP) – Lightning Dust
01 Material Life
02 Busted Minds  

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