In the late ’70s, a powerful voice (with a bit of Rock n Roll history) released a debut with a lot of promise. That album was Desire Wire, issued in 1979. The voice belonged to Cindy Bullens. In 1980, Cindy Bullens was nominated for a Grammy with a song from Desire Wire, “Survivor”. As her star rose, she released Steal The Night (1979), after which she slipped out back and left for a time. I remember her vibrant voice from her first album with its songs that demanded attention.

Her ten year disappearance led to an eventual MCA comeback shot with a self-titled album issued in 1989. After eight studio albums, and two more albums with The Refugees as a folk trio (with Wendy Waldman, and Deborah Holland, Cindy re-emerged as a transgender male going by the name of Cidny Bullens in 2016.

On August 21, Cidny Bullens will release a new album (his first as Cidny) with Walkin’ Through This World. It is being led by the album’s first single, “The Gender Line” (hear below). Walkin’ Through This World is being released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. 

Walkin’ Through This WorldCidny Bullens
01 Little Pieces
02 Purgatory Road
03 Walkin’ Through This World
04 The Gender Line
05 Sugartown
06 Crack The Sky
07 Laugh In The Rain
08 Call Me By My Name
09 Lucky For Me
10 Healing The Break

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