The German electro band, Kraftwerk has enjoyed a massive success that few bands dabbling in electronics have accomplished. Their catalog has been widely distributed, much in English. But let’s not forget that Kraftwerk was German, after all. And  you can bet these albums were also recorded in the German language. 

On July 3, Kraftwerk will release 3-D The Catalogue, a 2017 documentary that features five of the classic band’s albums on a digital platform. Those will include Trans-Europa Express (Trans-Europe Express [1977]), Die Mensch-Maschine (The Man-Machine [1978]), Computerwelt (Computer World [1981], Techno Pop, and The Mix (1991), an album of remixes. All tracks will be presented in Dolby Atmos/HD Surround as it was in the 2017 3-D The Catalogue. These five albums will be released for streaming on Tidal, and Amazon HD. The German 3-D Catalogue will be featured in Stereo as well.


If you’re a fan of the band and their eclectic electronic works, then this is a moment for you.  

By MARowe